Dawn changes

first_imgBakery company Dawn Foods has appointed Carrie Jones-Barber as its new chief executive.She is the third generation of the Jones family to head the company, following her father Ron Jones. He and Miles Jones will remain involved in the running of the organisation in new roles as chairman and co-chairman. Ms Jones-Barber most recently served as president of Dawn Foods International and has held a number of senior positions at the company. She plans to further establish it as a world leader in sweet bakery production.last_img

Great taste and sales for Adore

first_imgDawn Foods (Evesham, Worcestershire) has scooped silver at this year’s Great Taste Awards for its Triple Chocolate Truffle Muffin – part of the Adore brand of premium baked goods.Using ingredients such as free range eggs and real chocolate chunks, the range also includes the Belgian Chocolate Indulgence Loaf Cake, the Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie and the Chewy Chocolate Fudge Brownie.Adore products were introduced at House of Fraser restaurants earlier this year.Louise Hodgson, food development and product manager at Massarella Catering Group, which supplies HoF, comments: “We have placed them on the counter next to the checkout and they have gone down exceedingly well with our customers.”last_img

New deadline for NAMB competition

first_imgThe deadline for entries to the National Association of Master Bakers’ (NAMB) upcoming bakery competition has been extended.The event takes place at the Bakers’ and Butchers’ Fair on Sunday, 7 April at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern, WorcestershireBakers now have until 4 April to enter the competition, which has three categories: celebration cake, traditional sponge sandwich and young trainee.The winner of the young trainee category will receive training at the Hobbs House Bakery, home to Channel 4’s The Fabulous Baker Brothers – Tom and Henry Herbert.Other stage presentations taking place on the day include practical demonstrations led by Sandra Monger, Celebration Cake Maker of the Year 2012, and Dawn Foods.To register free for the event, visit www.bakersandbutchersfair.co.uk.To enter the competition see: http://www.bakersfair.co.uk/module/acms_paymentProcess?payment_process=60last_img read more

Lettuce Welcomes Oteil Burbridge & Antwaun Stanley To Fool’s Paradise [Videos]

first_imgLettuce got their Fool’s Paradise party started right with a wild set of super space funk. The first day of music saw sunny skies filled with fantastic performances and smiling faces. Organ Freeman dropped jaws with their spicy blend of rock and groove. Manic Focus and Break Science joined forces to hype the crowd into the clouds.After such strong opening sets, the bar was clearly being set high for every act on the bill. When Lettuce took the stage they were clearly eager to show they were more than up to the challenge.First, Artist-In-Residence Oteil Burbridge brought his stellar pedigree to the stage to take things to another level. Check out what happens when the Dead & Company bassist sits in with Jesus and the gang for an extended jam. Check out their mash up of WAR‘s “Slippin’ Into Darkness” and the B.T.Express hit “DO IT (Til You’re Satisfied) below:No sooner did Oteil exit the stage, the other Artist-In-Residence, Antwaun Stanley, came out and electrified the crowd with his trademark exuberance and soul.With one day down there is still another full day of music and mayhem left to go at the St. Augustine Amphitheater. Come on down and join us while there are still a few single day tickets left.Setlist: Lettuce | Fool’s Paradise | St. Augustine, FL | 3/31/17MT. CRUSHMOREFLYZIGGOWAT >BOWLERDOUBLE HEADERCHIEF IT UP TURN IT LOOSESLIPPIN (OTEIL)KNOCK YOURSELF OUT (ANTWAUN)NEW REEL116THLETTSANITYDO IT LIKE YOU DO (ANTWAUN)last_img read more

TAUK Links Up With Umphrey’s Members For High-Voltage TAUKing McGee Late-Night [Photos/Videos]

first_imgSETLIST: TAUKing McGee | The Highline Ballroom | New York, NY | 1/19/18Mindshift *Cult of Personality +Human Nature &Cirrus *Come Together $The Chemist !Soul Food I **Reach For It ++ *She’s A Bad Mamma Jamma && *Tom Sawyer @ ** Stasik on bass, Joel and AC on keys+ Living Colour cover, Stasik on bass, Joel on keys, Kris on vocals& Michael Jackson cover, Stasik on bass, Joel on keys, Isaac on vocals$ Beatles cover, Charlie on bass, Joel and AC on keys, Isaac on vocals! Charlie on bass, Joel and AC on keys** Umphrey’s McGee cover, Stasik on bass, Joel on keys++ George Duke cover&& Carl Carlton [email protected] Rush cover[Cover photo via Capacity Images] This past Friday, January 19th, following the first of three Umphrey’s McGee 20th Anniversary Run shows at The Beacon Theatre in New York City, Umphrey’s bassist Ryan Stasik and keyboardist Joel Cummins shot downtown to the Highline Ballroom and linked up with instrumental rock fusion quartet TAUK for a very special performance under the moniker TAUKing McGee. TAUKing McGee | Official Umphrey’s 20th Anniversary Late-Night | The Highline Ballroom | New York, NY | 1/19/18 | Photos: Capacity Images Beginning at 1:30am, the red-hot band never cooled through the early hours of Saturday morning. The performance included songs from both bands’ catalogues of original compositions alongside a variety of exciting covers like Living Colour‘s “Cult Of Personality” (with a special surprise appearance by Umphrey’s drummer Kris Myers on lead vocals), Michael Jackson‘s “Human Nature”, The Beatles‘ “Come Together” (with TAUK drummer Isaac Teel singing lead), George Duke‘s “Reach For It”, Carl Carlton‘s “She’s A Bad Mamma Jamma, and a show-closing rendition of Rush anthem “Tom Sawyer”.You can check out a full gallery of photos from TAUKing McGee’s Umphrey’s 20th Anniversary run late-night below courtesy of Capacity Images.Watch an assortment of clips from the show below via Instagram: Load remaining imageslast_img read more

IoT Is as Good as the Infrastructure That Supports It

first_imgThink of the Internet of Things (IoT) as a set of ‘things’ that should be stitched together to benefit from data collection to data mining. What is widely understood is that IoT is about data collection, dataflow and data analysis; but it is not common knowledge that the IoT substratum is an end-to-end secured infrastructure solution with sensors at one end and enterprise IT gear at the other end, with a variety of intelligent data aggregators in between.Software based workloads like machine learning and deep learning that analyze billowing amounts of data, are elementary to the IoT solutions stack, and the efficiency of these workload is built upon the technical capabilities of the enterprise IT infrastructure that shapes the datacenter. Never before in human history has computing power and data storage been so readily accessible – and economically viable.Dell Technologies as an IT infrastructure provider is poised to create the end-to-end IOT solution stack for customers in this digital economy. We work with system integrators, partners and domain experts like accelerator processors who bring the expertise to design and implement efficient IOT solutions. Dell EMC’s tour de force is the 14th generation of PowerEdge Servers, whose unique capabilities in NVDIMM memory subsystem, NVMe storage devices, remote management through iDRAC and GPU based computing, amplify the impact of the IoT solution.As you read on, you’ll understand the diagram which depicts the components in an IoT continuum. We have invested heavily in our engineering efforts to enhance NVDIMM capability of PowerEdge servers which boosts application performance, data security, system crash recovery time and to enhance SSD endurance and reliability. If a separate thread on a dedicated core can be assigned for reading and writing intermediate results from applications, the performance can be further improved- and our new server portfolio enables that.The new generation of Dell EMC servers are highly optimized for NVMe storage that can create overall cost parity by regularly flushing the contents from NVDIMM. IoT workloads also utilize typical database system and transaction logging that can be configured on the NVDIMM to boost performance. The compute architecture of PowerEdge is designed in such a way that the in-memory database systems can utilize these NVDIMM capabilities for performance gains.We understand that scalability, change management and serviceability are key parameters in IoT deployment and these requirements are efficiently satisfied by the remote management features in our new server portfolio. PowerEdge servers automate mainstream operations in iDRAC is what makes it an integral constituent while designing any IoT solution. The security aspects of the new server portfolio makes it the core ingredient in the assemblage of a secure and connected infrastructure for IoT. These servers are undoubtedly the bedrock of IT infrastructure for IoT solution.All things considered, Dell Technologies with its highly capable solutions at edge, core and cloud, along with global partners, is uniquely positioned to provide the right technology to design the most secured and most efficient IoT solutions. After all, IoT solutions have to result in operational efficiency, better customer experience, mitigate risks and identify newer business models – thereby unleashing the true potential of our customer’ business.last_img read more

VSAC Issues Revenue Bonds

first_imgThe Vermont Student Assistance Corp. (VSAC) recently issued$112.5 million in revenue bonds to meet the demand for new educationloans.Most of the bond proceeds will be used to finance conventionalfederal education loans, primarily Stafford loans for students and PLUSloans for parents. A smaller share will be used to cover what are known asalternative or supplemental loans. Increasingly, education expenses exceedwhat students are able to cover using government grants and loans, forcingstudents to turn to more costly alternative financing. “We remainconcerned about the amounts families are having to borrow to pay forcollege, whether through the federal loan program or other sources,” saidVSAC President Don Vickers said. “As a result, we will continue toadvocate at both the federal and state levels for more grants andscholarships, which, unlike loans, do not have to be repaid.”Despite significant education debt levels in Vermont, VSAC borrowers continue tomaintain a good track record in repaying their loans. The most recentdefault rate for VSAC borrowers is 3.1 percent, one of the lowest rates inthe nation.last_img read more

Torres seeks Bar reinstatement

first_img July 1, 2006 Regular News Torres seeks Bar reinstatement Torres seeks Bar reinstatement Pursuant to Rule 3-7.10, Ronald Robert Torres has petitioned the Supreme Court for Bar reinstatement.On December 20, 2004, the court suspended Torres for one year due to trust account violations.Any persons having knowledge bearing upon Torres’ fitness or qualifications to resume the practice of law should contact Barnaby Lee Min, Bar Counsel, The Florida Bar, Suite M-100, 444 Brickell Ave., Miami 33131, telephone (305) 377-4445.last_img

HR Answers: 5 tips to handle political talk in the online workplace

first_imgIf you thought the last four years were difficult trying to keep politics out of the workplace, get ready for the next month. The race to the November election is heating up, and you can bet that discussions about politics will bleed into the workplace—including online, if your employees are still working remotely.Even if you manage to successfully avoid those dreaded political discussions with your colleagues, the election may very well still come up with members and vendors.Discussions about politics in the workplace have proven to reduce productivity, decrease quality, increase negative feelings among coworkers, add to job stress and generally make employees dread coming to work. In short, talking politics at work equals a toxic work environment. If you think you’re safe because you don’t see people face-to-face right now and are working from home, think again.Here are five ways you can keep political talk (and tempers) in check at work during this home stretch of the election season. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr This post is currently collecting data…center_img This is placeholder text continue reading »last_img read more

Changing perspectives: Telescopes and kaleidoscopes

first_imgThis is placeholder text Different views emerge when you refocus the lens on both a telescope and kaleidoscope. Here is some good news—we are all more resilient than we think! As a result, we can find ways to thrive over the next few months and well into 2021. That is not to say that there will not continue to be many changes that affect what we do, how we do it, and what meaning can be derived in doing so. However, successfully navigating these uncertainties will require a change in perspective to prove our own resilience.In thinking about changing perspectives, I am reminded of a great book, Up is Not the Only Way by Beverly Kaye, Lindy Williams, and Lynn Cowart. While the book is about rethinking career “mobility” in a dynamic economy, there are many ideas that can help us deal with an uncertain future. These ideas can help us shift our perspective when life changes around us.The book has a special challenge for the reader. It is to watch for your “I never thought of it that way before” moments. There are several such moments I found in the second chapter in the book, titled, “Telescope to Kaleidoscope.” It is my favorite chapter, because of its many powerful metaphors and it is useful for reflecting, refocusing, and revealing different options for the new year. Here is how I interpreted the differences in telescopes and kaleidoscopes, the significance of each, and how to use both to become more resilient:Telescopes and Kaleidoscopes focus light to provide an image. The light used to convey these images is the same for everybody. In other words, we all have the same potential, just different telescopes and kaleidoscopes. Telescopes are focused on a single endpoint. Think of this as a career goal, a method of getting things done, or the ideal image of success. This image or goal you seek can be very far away or closer, depending on your vantage point “in life” at the current moment. The telescope helps you focus. Kaleidoscopes provide a dynamic view and have endless possibilities. Each view is based on having at least three different mirrors that can be adjusted. This was key for me in reading the chapter. Each of us have the same three mirrors that provide a reflection of who we are. These mirrors are 1) the skills we have, 2) the interests that drive us, and 3) the values we hold dear. Both have their uses. Telescopes are used to focus on specific things, while kaleidoscopes offer fun and ever shifting patterns. Yet, each view is important to consider when ordering our lives. The trick is to know when to alternate between the two.  This post is currently collecting data… Once you figure out the reflection in each of your mirrors, you can begin to appreciate new patterns as you adjust your kaleidoscope. These new patterns provide possibilities that are available to you. Once you decide on one, you can switch the view on your personal telescope to focus on that new image or goal.If you asked me thirty years ago where I would be today versus how I would have answered twenty, ten, or even five years ago—the results would indicate more than just one kaleidoscope of opportunity. The main thing is that I needed to see myself from multiple points of view in order to be resilient and adapt throughout my military career. (Aside: Having several mentors also helped me see these patterns.)On the other hand, my telescope was always focused on a single career point. As such, I made great progress throughout my military career. There is nothing wrong in keeping your focus. However, when that ultimate point proved out of reach, my telescope needed to be refocused on a different path—and here I am today. (Aside: A good set of mentors can also guide you to a better place.)Looking back and as I look forward into next year; my advice is to focus on your personal mirrors and polish those first. Do not look at the future solely through your personal telescope. Pick up your kaleidoscope and imagine all the possibilities from multiple perspectives and a willingness to be flexible enough to re-adjust the aim of your telescope. 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Anthony Hernandez Anthony Hernandez is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC).  He joined DCUC as its Chief Operating Officer in August 2016 and was selected … Web: www.dcuc.org Detailslast_img read more