Baudass infographic thoroughly explains dialup modem sounds

first_imgAllow me to take you back in time. It was the 1990s. The Internet (always with a capital “I”) was a brand new thing. When you decided to stop accepting all phone calls for 10 hours just so you could download the theme song to MacGyver, those were the days of the classic internet. And nothing is more symbolic of those old days than the sound of a dial-up modem making its way through the information superhighway.Anyone older than 25 knows the sound of a dial-up connection, even if you haven’t heard it for more than a decade. But only the truly inquisitive ever stopped and asked themselves exactly what those sounds meant. One such inquisitive individual is Oona Raisanen, who has created a truly one-of-a-kind infographic that demonstrates the different steps that a dial-up modem must take before it can connect to the World Wide Web.The image takes users through every process, including the actual process of dialing a modem phone number, the exchange that occurs when the modem confirms it is not talking to an actual human but rather a machine, and the handing off of information about the types of data that can be processed through the connection.Unfortunately, it’s really hard to put into text. The dial-up sounds cannot easily be translated into American English, but the graphic pinpoints every blip, every beep, every boop that occurs during the dial-up connection process.Of course, today, this is completely irrelevant and obsolete, but those who have a real penchant for nostalgic technology will truly appreciate finally being able to understand exactly what was going on back in the day. Moral of the story — yes, those sounds actually meant something in the real world. Believe it or not.Infographic (Dropbox), via Absorptions Bloglast_img read more