Bigger Peaches.

first_imgLeft to its own course, a peach tree will bear many more fruits than it can grow to adequate size if they all make it through the late frosts. But proper hand-thinning or judicious pruning can lead to an optimal backyard peach crop.Generally, we advise homeowners to remove fruits to a spacing of 6 inches along shoots on the outer portion of the canopy and 8 inches along shoots in the shaded portion.That sounds pretty easy. But there’s more to thinning a tree than just dropping some fruits on the ground on a Saturday afternoon.Timing Is Everything”Timing is everything,” they say. And in the case of thinning peaches, that’s absolutely true. As fruits develop, every week after bloom that the tree carries too many fruits can cost 3 percent to 6 percent in fruit size.Earlier thinning also improves the crop yield and fruit size you can expect the following year. This is because the following year’s fruit buds are being produced while fruit is still on the tree.So earlier thinning will allow more water and nutrients to be available not only for this year’s crop, but for next year’s as well.Thin Flowers CarefullyIf you’re thinning blooms, be careful to leave more flowers to hedge bets against a late frost. Thin to two or three flowers every 4 inches along a shoot — two near the end of the shoot and three close to the base.You can follow that practice two to three weeks later by removing small fruits to the 6- to 8-inch spacing. Making two trips to the tree is laborious and time-consuming. But it’s effective.Or you can use yet another method of reducing the fruit load per tree. Pruning during the dormant season (after Valentine’s Day to avoid a tree-damaging freeze) can reduce the amount of hand-thinning by 10 percent. Best of all, if you do it properly, you can increase the tree’s yield by 12 percent or more.Less Is MoreYou may wonder why removing shoot tissue that could bear fruit will improve the yield. There are two reasons. The crop load to which the tree will be distributing water and nutrients will be lowered to a level the tree’s systems can handle.The amount of unnecessary vegetative (shading) growth will be reduced. In other words, this pruning can bring a tree into a balance that favors optimum fruit growth. Properly thinned peaches are better able to reach their optimum size. Photo: CAES File Photo Research has revealed that removing all shoots less than 12 inches long resulted in greater numbers and size of fruits and in many more pounds of fruit per tree.Besides removing these smaller shoots, if you also reduce the length of the remaining shoots by 50 percent, the yield on some varieties increased by 30 percent and the size by up to 16 percent in some years, compared to trees that aren’t pruned.It’s worth the effort. A little extra time this spring will bring fruitful results this summer.last_img read more

PM Skerrit says resumption of commercial flights at Canefield Airport uneconomical

first_img Sharing is caring! Tweet 31 Views   no discussions LocalNews PM Skerrit says resumption of commercial flights at Canefield Airport uneconomical by: – July 11, 2011 Sharecenter_img Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says it will be uneconomical to resume commercial flights at the Canefield Airport.There have been questions about the future of the airport but PM Skerrit said it’s not a viable and eventually the people of Dominica would have taken a decision on it.His comment comes on the heels of concerns about the route from Roseau to Melville Hall.“We have spent tens of millions of dollars fixing the road. We have done the first phase and the second phase is under construction…we are committed to improving that because the dangerous bends and narrowness of the road will be addressed,” he said.Dominica Vibes News Share Sharelast_img read more

Villa fans call for quick sale

first_img After eight years at the helm, Lerner announced on Monday he was now looking to sell up, believing it time to seek “fresh, invigorated leadership”. After purchasing Villa for £62.6million from Doug Ellis in 2006, it is understood Lerner has slapped a price tag of around £200m on the club, with Bank of America Merrill Lynch appointed to organise the sale. Aston Villa fans have called on owner Randy Lerner to orchestrate a quick sale, but to also ensure the new buyer has the club’s best interests at heart. Press Associationcenter_img For now Villa, along with manager Paul Lambert, are in limbo. It is why fans behind the Aston Villa Supporters’ Trust (AVST) are anxious for Lerner to swiftly move on in order for the club to plan for next season and beyond. A statement from AVST read: “We would like to place on record our gratitude for all he (Lerner) has done with regards to the infrastructure of the club and his significant investment in Aston Villa over the past eight years. “AVST wish Mr Lerner the very best in his future endeavours. We are sure all Villa supporters appreciate the great respect he has shown for the club’s traditions and heritage during his time here. “We are also sure that, with this in mind, he will make it a consideration of the utmost importance that these traditions should continue to be respected by whomever he passes his custodianship to. “We would ask the sale is completed as quickly as possible in order that the new owner can put his team in place, and make the required changes to ensure Aston Villa become a competitive force on the field again.” last_img read more