NFL: Alexander set to get back on field

first_imgThe New Orleans Saints will hire Dallas Cowboys assistant Sean Payton to his first NFL head coaching job, a team official familiar with the decision said. A formal announcement is expected today. Payton has been a quarterbacks coach for three seasons under Bill Parcells in Dallas. He also held the title of assistant head coach. Before that, he was a New York Giants assistant, a stint that included that team’s NFC Championship in 2000. Assistant head coach Mike Singletary will stay with the 49ers after he was removed from the list of candidates for the Lions’ coaching job. Harper update The wife of Indianapolis Colts cornerback Nick Harper will not face a felony battery charge for cutting him with a kitchen knife, a judge ruled. Hamilton County Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp said the judge apparently did not allow the battery charge because Nick and Daniell Harper both claimed the stabbing was accidental. However, Daniell Harper, 31, still faces a criminal recklessness charge. She was released on $5,000 bond Tuesday after spending the weekend in the jail. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Payton will succeed Jim Haslett, whose tenure lasted six years. The Saints were a .500 team during Haslett’s first five seasons combined. Other coaching news Eric Mangini has worked for Parcells and Bill Belichick, learning from two of the greatest coaches in the NFL. The Jets are banking on that pedigree to lead them back into the playoffs. center_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORESanta Anita opens winter meet Saturday with loaded card Despite his youth and relative inexperience, the organization hired Mangini as its coach Tuesday. The former Patriots defensive coordinator, who turns 35 on Thursday, becomes the youngest head coach in the league. Terms of the deal weren’t known but it is believed he will get between $2 million and $2.5 million per year over five years. The baby-faced Mangini takes over for Herman Edwards, who left for Kansas City last week. Norv Turner, fired as coach of the Oakland Raiders two weeks ago, moved across San Francisco Bay to become the 49ers’ offensive coordinator. The Patriots promoted linebackers coach Dean Pees to defensive coordinator, replacing Mangini. last_img read more

Cassini Celebrates Season of Change

first_imgEnceladus:  Titan’s equal in scientific interest if not size is the little moon Enceladus.  The BBC News and Jet Propulsion Lab both reported more evidence of activity on the surface.  Careful perusal of patterns in surface cracks led Paul Helfenstein of the Cassini imaging team to theorize that Enceladus has spreading centers comparable to those at Earth’s mid-oceanic ridge – only these operate like a one-way conveyor belt.  One-way spreading is rare on Earth and not well understood, he commented.  “Enceladus has asymmetric spreading on steroids.  We are not certain about the geological mechanisms that control the spreading, but we see patterns of divergence and mountain-building similar to what we see on Earth, which suggests that subsurface heat and convection are involved.”  Earth, however is a lot bigger.  Enceladus is about the width of Arizona.    In addition, the famous geysers emanating from the “tiger stripe” fissures at the south pole must be on the move.  There are no geological differences along the cracks at the spots where ice is shooting out now.  It may be that the orifices get plugged, only to reopen at other spots along the fissures.  Ice appears to have fallen symmetrically on both sides of the cracks along their entire length.  This suggests the geysers continually move up and down along the tiger stripes.    A Cassini press release last month provided more evidence that the geysers are coming from a subsurface ocean of liquid water.  An amazing upshot of this activity is that it affects Saturn itself:Enceladus’ output of ice and vapor dramatically impacts the entire Saturnian system by supplying the ring system with fresh material and loading ionized gas from water vapor into Saturn’s magnetosphere.    “The ions added to the magnetosphere are spun up from Enceladus’ orbital speed to the rotational speed of Saturn,” said Cassini magnetometer science team member Christopher Russell of the University of California, Los Angeles.  “The more material is added by the plume, the harder this is for Saturn to do, and the longer it takes to accelerate the new material.”It’s a case of the tail wagging the dog.  This tiny moon puts out enough material to create a vast ring around Saturn, and its ions tug at the planet’s magnetic field and affect its rotation.  Such a thing was hardly imaginable before Cassini found it to be so.    Where is the heat coming from?  Small bodies lose their original heat much more quickly due to the increased ratio of surface area to volume.  One participant in the Unmanned Spaceflight forum, where planetary scientists and their friends hang out, joked, “I wonder if there’s any way that Enceladus could have been impacted by an extrasolar AL26 [Aluminum-26, a short-lived radioactive isotope] mass sometime within the last several thousand years, which could be powering a short-term period of activity within the moon.”  Talk about an ad-hoc hypothesis.  Others referred to a recent paper in Nature that calculated internal tidal forces in a liquid ocean like that on Europa could be much greater than thought.  That does not explain, however, why other moons of comparable or larger size in the Saturn system are inactive.    Whatever has been happening on Enceladus, it appears to have been going on for some time and moving around.  The moon is riddled with cracks and ridges from top to bottom – some of which may be relics of geyser activity in the past.  The E-ring produced by today’s geysers would vanish within decades without constant replenishment.  Cassini will surely be watching for variations in activity at every opportunity during the Equinox Mission.  If lucky, Cassini scientists may be able to keep watching till the next Saturn solstice – in 2017.Pictures!  These science stories were accompanied by some of the most stunning images of the mission.  One particular Enceladus portrait is both beautiful and intriguing (for full resolution, go to the Planetary Photojournal).  Patterns of cracks seem to show episodic reorientations of geologic activity.  The lack of craters on many parts of this bright, active moon is surprising: “remarkable tectonic activity for a relatively small world,” the caption exclaimed.  That big crack in the north is over half a mile deep (another angle).  The image is a mosaic from 28 exposures.  Large icy grains have been artificially colored blue-green for analysis.  Browsing the image at high resolution gives one a personal flyover of an exotic world.    Fly in even closer with the image called Tiger Stripes Magnified.  This is a mosaic of the highest-resolution images from the recent south-pole flybys, overlain on a lower-resolution image of the southern hemisphere.  A labeled version shows locations of known eruption plumes (circles) and the footprints of “skeet shoot” images taken August 10 (green) and October 31 (brown).  The footprints show that the surface of this little moon is cracked and folded down to the smallest scales.  It is also littered with boulders of ice the size of houses.  If these boulders were ejected by the geysers, they speak of remarkable force down deep.  Studying this mosaic at high res is an emotional experience.  It is the nearest we will probably get in this lifetime to staring down the throat of active geysers on an ice-blanketed world 800 million miles away.    The Cassini Imaging Team website has additional images, maps, and diagrams for further study.  There’s even a rotating globe showing the angles of the geysers, and Paul Helfenstein’s movie of the spreading centers, showing his interpretation of how separated features appear to fit together when you move pieces around.  An updated polar mosaic of the entire southern hemisphere pulls all the data into a flat map with all the resolution one could want; even at quarter size, the view overflows the screen.  Finally, for those who like graphs and scientific detail with their pictures, the Nov. 25 CHARM presentation (Cassini-Huygens Analysis and Results from the Mission has a lot of interesting data (and pictures) in a Powerpoint/PDF presentation about Enceladus with the latest from the recent flybys.Before Cassini got to Saturn, planetary scientists had an inkling that Enceladus would be a star of the show.  They were certainly not disappointed.  In fact, none of the targets – icy moons, Saturn, rings magnetic field, and Titan – have been anything less than astonishing.    Cracks similar to those on Enceladus, with ice piled along the flanks, are visible on Jupiter’s moon Europa, another body thought to have a subsurface ocean of liquid water.  Could there be similar mechanisms at work?  The analysis will take years.  So far, it looks like Titan and Enceladus are giving pains to believers in billions of years.  For relief, try the fountain of youth.(Visited 33 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 It’s approaching equinox on Saturn.  Cassini is now well into its first extended mission, aptly dubbed the Equinox Mission, till Sept. 2010.  The Cassini Team just exhibited its snazzy new website.  It’s not all bells and whistles.  The science is ringing the phones off the hook.  Even without the pictures the following announcements could stop the presses.    Once again, though, Saturn the Giant had to wait in the wings while a couple of moons stole the show.  Before yielding them the stage, Saturn wanted to announce that its ring spokes are back.  Exeunt.  Flourish.Titan:  Papers presented at last week’s AGU (American Geophysical Union) conference revealed several exciting new things about the second-largest moon in the solar system – the only one with a substantial atmosphere.Lake of the Clouds:  Midwesterners may be familiar with “lake effect clouds” around the Great Lakes.  Water vapor from lakes tends to condense over land downwind.  National Geographic News echoed reports by Cassini scientists that a similar effect may be occurring on Titan.  Evanescent methane clouds appear to form downwind of the lakes dotting the northern hemisphere.Volcano Not:  New radar images of the Ganesha Macula feature have disappointed volcanologists.  They hoped it would prove to be a cryovolcanic dome.  It wasn’t to be; the Planetary Society reported that the feature is irregular, with topographic highs and lows, unlike a dome.  Planetologists had hoped that eruptions from this and other candidate cryovolcanos would replenish the atmospheric methane.  A Cassini press release explained why this is significant: “Without replenishment, scientists say, Titan’s original atmospheric methane should have been exhausted long ago.”Volcanoes Yes?  BBC News quoted AGU scientists optimistic that cryovolcanos are common on Titan.  Two regions re-imaged over time show changes in brightness.  The Virtual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer team figures that ice-slurry flows 200 meters thick might be carving some of the channels seen.  The tentative detection of ammonia is another clue.  Scientists expect that ammonia would have to be erupted from the interior.    Again, the significance of this relates to dating the age of the atmosphere: “Scientists like the idea of cryovolcanism because it is one way to explain why so much methane is retained in Titan’s atmosphere,” the article said.  “Without some means of replenishment, the moon’s original methane content should have been destroyed long ago by the Sun’s ultraviolet light.”  When they say long ago, they really mean long ago.  Some estimates put an upper limit on the lifetime of current methane at 100 million years – one forty-fifth the assumed age of the moon.  All the methane should have been gone 4.4 billion years ago.  Why is there methane still present today?    The article ended with skepticism about the ammonia.  Not every planetary scientist accepts the interpretation of active eruptions on Titan.  One skeptic is Emily Lakdawalla, the blogger at the Planetary Society.  She provided a first-hand report from the AGU and did not find the evidence convincing.  Her detailed blog report is worth visiting for the detailed radar and VIMS images of the surface.  One thing that stands out in her report is a series of great questions about Titan posed by Jonathan Lunine, a Cassini scientist who has studied this mysterious moon for over two decades.  Among the questions:Titan has methane in its atmosphere, which should quickly be destroyed by solar radiation.  So it’s got to be replenished somehow.  Is cryovolcanism responsible?  Or something else? Where has all the ethane gone?  Where there’s methane, there should be ethane, but there isn’t much in the atmosphere or on the surface, though it’s been detected in one southern lake….Is there active cryovolcanism or geysering on Titan?  Has there been significant cryovolcanism in the past?  This is an area of particularly active debate.What is the origin of Titan’s mountains?  Are they a sign of internal geologic activity, or not?Is the primary degradation process fluvial erosion or burial? Titan’s surface has few obvious craters, so something must be erasing them.  Are they being eroded or buried?Four years of Cassini orbits have failed to answer these questions.  It must be remembered that scientists in the 1990s expected Titan to be covered in a global ocean of liquid ethane over half a mile thick (02/15/2008, 07/31/2008), due to accumulating condensation products from the steady breakup of high-altitude methane by the solar wind.last_img read more

Sonne, Brandung und Wale beobachten

first_imgVon den sandigen wilden Weiten der Westkuste zu den subtropischen Stranden von Maputaland gibt es fur jede Jahreszeit einen Strand. Beobachten Sie den Sonnenaufgang uber dem atlantischen oder indischen Ozean, arbeiten Sie an der perfekten Sonnenbraune oder werden Sie aktiv – Sudafrika bietet einige der besten Surf-, Windsurfing und Tauchgebiete der Welt. Und dann sind da noch die Wale…WASSERSPORT SPIELWIESEUnsere Tauchgebiete erstrecken sich von Seetangwaldern bis hin zu Korallenriffen, unsere Brandung bietet unterhaltsame Wellenbrecher, hohle Rohren und ein paar richtige Monsterwellen und man kann großartig Wellenreiten, Meereskajaken und Segeln.Surfen, Windsurfen, Kitesurfen, MeereskajakenSudafrika ist eines der besten Surflander in der Welt, mit erhabener Kustenlandschaft, gleichbleibender Qualitatsbrandung, preiswertem aber dennoch hohem Lebensstandart und einer einzigartigen Kultur, “auf die man stolz sein kann” sagt Steve Pike, Herausgeber von Wavescape.Und nur wenige Besucher wurden da widersprechen. Es gibt Hunderte von Brandungszonen im ganzen Land – etwa 50 von ihnen in einem Umkreis unter einer Autostunde um Kapstadt herum.Diese erstrecken sich von kindersicheren Anfangerwellen bis zu riesigen Brechern, die sogar abgeharteten Teilnehmern bei den internationalen Wettbewerben im Juni und Juli einen Schrecken einjagen.Die Ostkapregion um Cape St. Francis herum, Jeffreys Hafen und Port Elizabeth – allgemein als Jay Bay bei einheimischen Surfern bekannt – ist weltberuhmt fur die Qualitat seiner Wellen.Die vielen Herbergen fur Rucksacktouristen um das Land herum sind auf Brettermiete gefuhrte Surfaris sowie Surfstunden eingestellt und es gibt engagierte Surfschulen in Durban und Kapstadt.Sudafrika bietet phantastische Windsurf- und Kitesurfstellen. Langebaan in der Nahe von Kapstadt ist international als eines der Top Boardsailing Veranstaltungsorte der Welt anerkannt – und es gibt noch andere.Noch direkter erleben Sie das Meer in einem speziell gestalteten Meerkajak. Es gibt begleitete Ausfluge um Kapstadt, Hermanus, Knysna, Plett und Durban.SegelnSudafrikas Kuste ist die weltweit schwierigste Kustenlinie zum Segeln, mit wenigen Hafen, sturmischen Bedingungen und oft sehr rauer See. Also auch nicht gut eignet fur unbegleitete Torns.Es ist jedoch ein großartiger Platz um Segeln zu lernen – es gibt Segelschulen in Kapstadt, Port Elizabeth und Durban – und wir sind bei allen bedeutenden weltumsegelnden Rennen vertreten. Es gibt auch eine Menge von lokalen Wettrennen und das vom Kap nach Rio ist eines der zuganglichsten Ozeankreuzungsrennen in der Welt, das ein großes kreuzendes Kontingent anzieht.TauchenWenn Sie sich vom Ernst der sudafrikanischen Kuste uberzeugen wollen, brauchen Sie nicht weiter als die vielen historischen und jungsten Schiffswracke zu schauen – allesamt Tragodien, aber dennoch gute Nachrichten fur Taucher. Dennoch haben wir haben mehr zu bieten als diese erschutternden Standorte. Unsere Unterwasserumgebung ist reichhaltig und schon, mit einer Menge atemberaubender Tauchplatze.Wir haben eine enorm lange Kustenlinie, die sich von etwa 35° S bis zu 27° S erstreckt, was nicht ganz innerhalb der ublichen Entfernung beim tropischen Tauchens ist. Der Mozambique Strom, der die ostliche Kuste hinunterfließt, bringt jedoch warmes, tropisches Wasser mit sich und bei der Sodwana Bucht in KwaZulu Natal gibt es die sudlichsten Korallenriffe der Welt.Hier finden Sie die volle Bandbreite an hubschn farbigen Fischen und einige großartige Nacktschnecken, einschließlich der ungeheuerlichen spanischen Tanzerin. Walhaie, Schildkroten, Delphine und Sandtigerhaie werden oft in bestimmten Gegenden gesehen.Wenn Sie die Kuste hinunterfahren andert sich die Unterwasserumgebung bis Sie – sobald Sie Kapstadt erreicht haben – in frostige, aber schone Seetangwalder eintauchen. Diese sind ebenfalls einzigartig: Es gibt drei Hauptarten Seetang und diese wachsen nur an einem kurzen Stuck der West Cap Kuste alle gemeinsam.In Seetang zu tauchen ist wie in einem Wald spazieren gehen. Sie schwimmen unter einem Baldachin und bewundern das uberraschend farbige Riffleben. Außerhalb von Kapstadt sehen Taucher regelmaßig Anemonen, die in umfangreichen Farben von elektrischem Blau oder tiefem Rot bis Blassrosa schwanken, Nacktschnecken fast jeder Farbe, die Sie sich vorstellen konnen und eine Reihe von kleinen Geschopfen in und um die hell orangen und schwefelgelben Schwamme.Es gibt Tauchschulen in fast jedem Zentrum, mit einer uberraschenden Zahl von dem von Land umschlossenen Johannesburg, wo Leute ihre Ausbildung machen, bevor sie fur ihre Qualifizierungstauchgange hinunter zur Sodwana Bucht fahren.Wenn Sie in unseren Riffen tauchen, beachten Sie sorgfaltig Ihre Nichtfliegergrenzen. Ein Flug von Meereshohe nach Johannesburg kann nur 1 Stunde dauern, aber Sie gewinnen 2.000 Meter (7.000 Fuß) an Hohe – sogar ohne den Flug zu berucksichtigen. Dies stellt ein erhohtes Risiko dar, also stellen Sie Ihre Reiseroute so ein, dass Sie einen Tag fur Besichtigungen, Einkaufen, am Strand faulenzen oder nach Johannesburg fahren zwischen Tauchgangen und Flugen einlegen.WALHAUPSTÄDT DER WELTSudafrika ist eines der schonsten Reiseziele weltweit fur das Beobachten von Meeressaugern. Im fruhen Juni verlassen die Sudkaper ihre antarktischen Futtergrunde um in den (verhaltnismaßig) warmen Gewassern der Kapkuste ihren Spaß zu haben.WildtiererfahrungenNaturlich werden Sudafrikas große Saugetiere nicht nur kustennah gefunden.Hier paaren sie sich, kalben und hangen herum, schlagen gelegentlich den Schwanz hoch und heben ihre Kopfe aus dem Wasser, um die Menschen zu begutachten.In Kapstadt konnen Sie sie uberall entlang der False Bay Kuste sehen – und sie sind an der westlichen Meereskuste deutlich zu sehen, wenn Sie sich hoch genug befinden.Die Stadt Hermanus hat sich selbst zur Walhauptstadt der Welt gekurt – und das ist nicht weit hergeholt. Diese riesigen Tiere lummeln sich manchmal nur wenige Meter vom Ufer entfernt und sind bei einem malerischen Spaziergang von den Klippen aus gut zu sehen.Weiter ostlich erhebt auch die Stadt von Plettenberg Bay Anspruch auf den Titel Walhauptstadt – mit gleich gutem Grund. Die Sudkaper sind in der Bucht von Juni bis November und die Wanderbuckelwale sind fur kurze Zeit hier um den Mai oder Juni herum und dann auf der Ruckreise von November bis Januar.Brydes Wale oder Schwertwale werden gelegentlich beobachtet, fur große Tummler und Buckeldelphine ist es standiger Aufenthaltsort. Eine Zuchtkolonie sudafrikanischer Pelzrobben vervollkommnet das beeindruckende Aufgebot an Meeressaugern in den Plettenberg-Buchten.In Plett ist die Delphin- und Walbeobachtungsindustrie am besten organisiert – mit Bootsfahrten, Kajaks und Flugzeugen im Angebot. Besichtigungen, Abstande und die mit jedem Tier verbrachte Zeit werden streng uberwacht, so dass die Einmischung gering bleibt.Weit die Kuste in KwaZulu-Natal hinauf werdem Buckeldelphine und große Tummler oft von Booten aus gesehen.SAinfo reporter, mit Material von South African Tourismlast_img read more

Denys Reitz joins UK-based law firm

first_img5 January 2011South African law firm Denys Reitz is to join multinational law firm the Norton Rose Group from June this year, in a move aimed at expanding its client base and increasing its access to international skills and resources.Norton Rose, with its headquarters in London, is an international legal practice offering full business law services, with a strong presence in the fields of financial institutions, energy, commodities, infrastructure, transport and technology.Ogilvy Renault, a leading Canadian law firm, will also be joining the new group. Also joining the expanded group will be Africa Legal, a division of Denys Reitz that focuses on providing legal services across the African continent.The expanded group will be led by Peter Martyr, currently the CEO of the Norton Rose Group, while Denys Reitz deputy chairman Rob Otty will join the expanded firm’s board.Top 10 global practiceAccording to Denys Reitz, the move will turn the expanded group into one of the top 10 global practices by number of lawyers, with more than 2 500 practitioners in 38 offices worldwide.“This is a major strategic step for our practice, which already operates in three cities across South Africa and has a large footprint across the African continent,” Denys Reitz said in a recent statement.“We firmly believe that Africa and the rest of the globe will become increasingly important to our clients in the years to come, and by combining the practice it will provide us with a depth of international resources from which we can continue to build our already significant network of offices.”According to Denys Reitz, there will be strong business and client synergies in the combined practice, particularly in Africa, Europe, UK, the Asia Pacific region and in the Middle East.“We are confident that the increased strength and depth of coverage will improve the group’s service to clients worldwide,” the law firm said.SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Rugby sewing initiative kicks off

first_imgThe balls are made of old billboardmaterial stuffed with plastic shoppingbags. Unemployed women with sewingexperience are able to bring in anincome from the sale of the balls (Image: CLE Communications) MEDIA CONTACTS • Makgabo Seema   EnviroServ public relations   +27 11 422 2560 or +27 82 969 5120RELATED ARTICLES • Playing a part to back the Boks • Zuma: 2011 the year of job creation • Springboks given euphoric send-off • Pumping up Bok support for World Cup• Amarula project uplifts SA womenEmily van RijswijckRugby is not normally associated with job creation and recycling, but a resourceful new project called Touch Initiative is teaching unemployed seamstresses to manufacture rugby balls out of old billboards.Initiated and sponsored by Gauteng-based waste management company EnviroServ, the Touch Initiative hopes to use the momentum of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, currently under way in New Zealand, to create more awareness around the drive.“This particular initiative will focus on rugby balls to tie in with the World Cup,” says Thurlow Hanson-Moore from Thewinwingroup, the advertising agency that conceptualised the project.In time Touch will be expanded to create other types of balls and products, he says.Jobs through wasteThe emphasis of the Touch project is on job creation through innovative waste management.According to EnviroServ’s marketing manager Delia Lavarinas, there can be no greater waste than that of wasted talent in South African communities.“We also wanted to harness the energy around rugby in 2011, giving communities a tangible reason to get excited about the world cup.”The campaign provides industrial sewing machines and training for unemployed women with a background in sewing. So far 20 seamstresses have been trained to make these balls, at six hubs in Mpumalanga.The women are able to earn up to R200 (US$24.4) a day from sales of the balls, which cost R50 ($6.1) each. Of this amount, R30 ($3.7) goes straight back into the community and the balance contributes towards operating costs.Once the template is cut from the billboard material, women stuff the balls with up to 30 plastic shopping bags which have been reclaimed from the streets. This too represents an employment opportunity, as people are needed to gather the bags.According to Hanson-Moore, response to the initiative has been enthusiastic, with orders of up to 1 000 balls streaming in.“The idea is to get corporate support, and we are approaching the various rugby unions to get them involved as well,with a positive response.”The plan is to roll the initiative out across the country, establishing employment hubs in all nine provinces. “We want to keep the drive going beyond the World Cup,” confirms Hanson-Moore.To find out more or to place an order for balls, contact Hosia via email or call +27 72 288 9088.Creating jobs, tackling povertyEnviroServ’s core business is to provide innovative and sustainable waste management solutions for South Africa. The company has a number of corporate social initiatives on the go – one of them is the Intuthuko Sewing Project in Etwatwa near Springs in eastern Gauteng.Art lecturer Celia de Villiers and businesswoman Susan Haycock facilitate this embroidery project.EnviroServ approached De Villiers to start the project as the company operates a waste management site in the area and wished to couple it with poverty alleviation in the nearby township. The project employs 35 women and one man.In 2004 the Intuthuko project won an award for its magnificent Journey to Freedom embroideries. The women have since purchased a stall at the Rosebank Rooftop market and are doing exceptionally well.Kick-offThe 7th IRB Rugby World Cup is underway in New Zealand and will conclude on 23 October with the final at Eden Park in Auckland. Nineteen other countries are battling to snatch the title of world champion from reigning champions South Africa, who walked off with the laurels at the previous competition in France in 2007.South Africa and Australia are the only two countries who have been able to win the Web Ellis Trophy twice, and the national team, the Springboks, are campaigning to be the first team in history to successfully defend their title, as well as to win it three times.The Rugby World Cup is now established as the world’s third biggest sporting event after the Olympic Games and Fifa World Cup. In recent years it’s achieved its goal of merging the traditional rugby powers with new and emerging nations to make it a truly worldwide sport, according to the world cup website.The competition takes place every four years under the auspices of the International Rugby Board. England will host the competition in 2015 and Japan in 2019.last_img read more

SA one step away from mining accord

first_img5 July 2013 Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe is confident that the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu), a key player in South African platinum, will join the other stakeholders in signing a groundbreaking pact to bring stability to the country’s mining industry. Amcu was the only party to this week’s industry talks – bringing together the government, organised labour and business – that did not sign the Framework Agreement for a Sustainable Mining Industry, saying that it needed to consult with its members. The agreement sets out key steps and processes that will see all parties working together to ensure the stability and sustainability of South Africa’s mining industry. As part of the agreement, parties will desist from provocation, violence and intimidation, and will actively discourage their members from taking the law into their own hands. The government, for its part, will act decisively to enforce the rule of law, maintain peace during strikes and other protests relating to labour disputes, and ensure the protection of life, property and the advancement of the rights of all. Amcu and the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) have been at loggerheads over membership at the Lonmin Mine in North West province. Addressing the media after the signing of the agreement in Pretoria on Wednesday, Mothlanthe said he hoped it would bring about change for the better in the mining sector. Mothlanthe, who had been tasked with leading the talks by President Jacob Zuma, expressed confidence that Amcu would, after consulting with its members, come to the party and sign the agreement. “We are expecting Amcu to get back soon,” Mothlanthe said. Those that signed the agreement were the NUM, the Chamber of Mines, the Federation of Unions of SA, the Congress of SA Trade Unions, and Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu. Also present at the meeting was Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa, Justice and Constitutional Development Minister Jeff Radebe, and Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant. SAinfo reporter and read more

NuoYa005 New Stylish Lolita Harajuku Curly Wavy Long Hair Full Wig Anime Cosplay Wigs – Fast deliver, quality bargain

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