More needs to be done

first_imgDear Editor,About three weeks ago, I wrote about a leaking Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) water main in North-eastern Georgetown. The problem has since been rectified.As a citizen of this country, I challenge others to make their contribution, however fractional, to its development and progress in word or deed. Most persons do not go beyond word, which is for the most part complaining. I believe that even after complaining, one should be prepared to propose feasible solutions. I also believe that we must be honest when there is meaningful change or resolutions and the appropriate credit or praise be given. It is in this good spirit that I must publicly recognise the remedial action of GWI by ending the leak and loss of hundreds of gallons of water.GWI, under the good stewardship of a former Health Minister, Dr Richard Van West-Charles, has made several interventions since 2015 to improve water distribution nationally. However, the quality of potable water to households appears to be an ongoing challenge for that entity. There is just too much discolouration, high iron and sedimentation content in the water entering most of our homes.The United States Environmental Protection Agency considers iron in well water as a secondary contaminant. There are no proven results of its direct impact to health based on the secondary maximum contaminant level set at 0.3 milligrams per litre. Nevertheless, the high iron content is known to cause other forms of damage. Some of the most notable effects are stains, clogs, odors and unpleasant taste.GWI’s management team is encouraged to further address the concerns of its water quality, and in so doing fulfill the CEO’s commitment when he was appointed in October 2015.Yours faithfully,Orette Cuttinglast_img read more