Foot massage parlors the latest rage in Southland

first_img“Foot massage is good for all kinds of illness,” said Lio “Tony” Jingfeng, owner of Foot Massage, one of six such establishments along the 200 block of Valley Boulevard. “If you’re sick, it helps with symptoms,” he said through an interpreter. “If you’re healthy, it maintains your health.” While independent medical tests could not be found to confirm that, Lio’s storefront could not be more busy. Located in a two-story strip mall with other businesses and restaurants boasting a range of wares in both English and Chinese, it was filled to capacity on a recent Sunday evening, with customers of all ages enjoying a bit of weekend pampering at $15 per hour. “In China, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries foot massage is very popular,” Lio said, emphasizing that the therapists who have worked for him since he opened six months ago are all trained in Chinese medicine. “Many guests have come and about 90 percent become repeat customers.” Lio added that many Westerners become regulars after experiencing a treatment. Vivian Lee and her husband, C.J. Stoltman, frequent the establishment, stopping in for treatments consisting of a foot soak with Chinese herbs, reflexology massage on feet and shoulders or full body massage, and herb tea, at least twice a month. “I had tennis elbow and Mr. Lo helped me with it,” said Lee, sitting in an armchair with her feet on a matching ottoman while Lo Jian administered a massage. “It took several visits. I couldn’t even lift my arm, but now I can and I can play tennis like I used to.” Said Stoltman: “It helps with mental clarity. I think the herbs seep through the skin.” Stoltman added that he’s enjoyed reflexology for about five years. Massage specialists Lo and Teng Amy echoed Lio, saying reflexology helps with a range of health issues, including high blood pressure and arthritis. Lio opened the establishment after first coming here from northern China and working in a chiropractic office for four years. He noticed the demand for reflexology was growing and decided to open his own shop, in which 10 armchairs and ottomans face two plasma screen TVs for customer viewing. San Gabriel police Chief David Lawton said about 20 business licenses for foot massage storefronts have been issued in the last two years. “I have been invited, but I haven’t gone yet,” Lawton said. “Some of my friends, very legitimate people, including doctors and attorneys, love it.” He acknowledged some assume prostitution occurs at such massage establishments. But Lawton said recent investigations revealed that most of that illegal trade occurs in residences set up solely for that purpose. Police said that has been one arrest for prostitution at a San Gabriel foot massage establishment. “We’ve also encountered prostitution in beauty salons, restaurants and night clubs,” the chief added. [email protected] (626) 578-6300 Ext. 4461 • Photo Gallery: 3/21: Happy Feet SAN GABRIEL – Got reflexology? Foot massage lounges – the fancy term is reflexology – in tough competition with each other are springing up around the San Gabriel Valley, all the rage for those looking for quick, walk-in relaxation. There’s even a claim that it’s good for what ails you. last_img read more

Duties on Chinese Solar Panels May be Cut

first_imgA Department of Commerce review of steep import duties imposed on photovoltaic (PV) panels made in China may result in sharply lower tariffs, but U.S. consumers aren’t likely to see much benefit, Bloomberg reports.The International Trade Administration, part of the Commerce Department, suggested in a preliminary report on Jan. 2 that the 2012 anti-dumping and countervailing duties should be reduced from a combined 31 percent to 18 percent, Bloomberg said.Installers such as SolarCity Corp. and Vivint Solar Inc. should see a “substantial potential improvement to U.S. margins,” Bloomberg said, but homeowners won’t get much of a boost because the cost of PV panels is less than a third of total installation costs. “Soft costs” such as permitting, finance, and design account for the lion’s share of the cost of a residential PV system.Bloomberg quoted Shayle Kann, an analyst with GTM Research, as saying a final determination probably won’t be made until May or June.The long-running trade squabble began with a request from SolarWorld, a German company with a panel factory in Oregon, that the U.S. government impose import tariffs on Chinese-made PV panels.But the dispute is complex, in part because U.S. companies are among suppliers of the polysilicon used to manufacture the panels. Just last month, a U.S. semiconductor manufacturer said it would close a $1.2 billion polysilicon factory that it finished just two years ago in Tennessee, RechargeNews reported, because polysilicon prices collapsed — one of the fallouts of the trade dispute.last_img read more

Box CEO Aaron Levie On Growing Up During The ’90s Tech Boom [Video]

first_imgLast week, ReadWrite Editor-in-in-Chief Dan Lyons sat down with 27-year-old Box CEO Aaron Levie to discuss the complex market of enterprise cloud technology in the third ReadWrite Mix event in San Francisco.(See also Aaron Levie On The Uncertain Landscape Of Enterprise Software and Aaron Levie On Finding Mentors & Mixing Enterprise/Consumer Cultures)In their wide-ranging, hour-long conversation, Lyons and Levie touched on just about every topic of interest in the enterprise startup space. But perhaps the most interesting aspects concerned Levie’s own unique story. This 1:53 clip touches on how growing up in Seattle helped inspire Levie to begin starting companies as a teenager (publishing HTML webpages to the Internet was all it took, he says), and how he had to try his hand at countless projects on the way to his dream of starting a successful company. Levie did acknowledge an alternate dream that included playing professional sports: “It’s either MLB, or start an Internet company,” he joked.  Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Related Posts nick stattcenter_img Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Tags:#Aaron Levie#Box#cloud storage#ReadWrite Mix#ReadWrite Mix last_img read more

Use your iPad as a Control Surface in Adobe Audition

first_imgTo see the keyframes you recorded, click the twirly beside the mode. After you stopped recording, the mode changed to Touch. In this mode key frames aren’t recorded till you move the fader, and when you let go, it returns to the previously recorded keyframes. Latch mode will stay where the fader was when you let go.  You can click the eraser icon to clear all your recorded keyframes.For $7.99, I think the AC-7 Core is a no brainer if you have an iPad and spend a bit of time in Audition or other DAWs.  It does well what it is designed to do – speeding up and streamlining your Adobe Audition audio workflow. Surprisingly the AC-7 Core dosen’t have latency issues (delay) when you move a fader and works with no hiccups wirelessly over a Wi-Fi connection.If you prefer using an iPhone or iTouch there is also a AC-7 mini.Basic Operation in AuditionYou have a choice of Modes, to emulate the settings in various DAWs.  The Generic Mode works with Audition and generally any device that uses Mackie Protocol.You can pick a skin, which gives you a light or dark interface. The faders are responsive and clicking the meters button lets you see the audio volume for each track.You can select tracks, mute and solo them. You have transport controls to play, record, jog and shuttle. One of the most useful features for me is the ability to record audio keyframes in Adobe Audition, which we’ll dig into a little deeper now.Audio Automation in Audition (Recording Keyframes)Often when you have music in your video edit you want to dip it down when someone is speaking, and then bring it back up when they stop.  This is called “riding the levels” or adjusting gain.  Instead of doing this manually you can record keyframes when you move the fader using Automation.The most common workflow for editors is to send your finished edit from Premiere Pro to Audition. If you need a refresher on getting from Premiere Pro to Audition I previously wrote about editing clips & sequences in Audition.In Audition you need to be in a multitrack session to use automation.By Default each track is in Read Mode. To record keyframes change this to Write. You can do this in Audition or click the Write button on the AC-7. Click the Play button and drag the fader to record key frames, and press the Stop button when done. Instead of a mouse, use your iPad to control your faders and other controls in Adobe Audition (mute, solo, automation). Using a control surface frees you from the keyboard!The iPad is quickly turning into a powerful tool for filmmaking, with new apps appearing each month. To see some of the latest apps and post productoin tools check out, a site focused on iPad/iPhone filmmaking apps and gear.I spend a bit of time in Adobe Audition working with audio, and using a mouse feels cumbersome at times.  I personally prefer the tactual touch of a fader or virtual fader over using a mouse, and this is where control surfaces come in.   Control surfaces are devices that control the faders and other controls (mute, solo, automation) in Audition or other Digital Audio Workstations (DAW).Control Surfaces aren’t currently supported in Premiere Pro, but they are in Adobe Audition, FCP 7, and Logic Pro.You can easily spend $200 on a dedicated control surface, but there is a cost effective alternative: use your iPad.  AC-7 Core ($7.99) is a control surface that runs on your iPad.  I previously mentioned this useful application in my 10 filmmaking apps under $10 article.As an editor who also does audio (and wears multiple hats), I find the AC-7 good for basic post-production audio work.  It enables a quicker workflow and in many ways is easier to use than a mouse.The other big plus of using a control surface is that it frees you from your computer.  You can perform basic functions like recording a voiceover from across the room!Getting Up and RunningTo start using AC-7 Core in your post production workflow you’ll need to set it up.  The installation and configuration are surprisingly easy (takes 5-10 minutes)  First, download the app from iTunes.It works on both Mac & Windows iPads running (iOS 4.2 and later) in a variety of apps, including FCP 7.  There are written directions and a video tutorial for both Mac & Windows installation.It might be necessary to manually reconnect your iPad if it was turned off after a session. Go to Utilities > Audio Midi Setup.  Then double click on Network, then select the iPad and click Connect.  If you will be using this workflow a lot it’s a good idea to put “Audio Midi Setup” on your dock (for Mac users).last_img read more

Many artists one showcase

first_imgExploring the delicate threads of affinity between creativity and its versatile approach towards the realistic world in diverse emotions, ‘Collectively Independent’, an exhibition curated by Inner Konnect Art (IKA), showcases the constructive styles by different artists through different mediums. One can witness and embrace some amazing artistic pieces at the Visual Art Gallery of the Indian habitat Centre between September 1 and 17. ‘Collectively Independent’ is an exciting look at some of the genius talents. For example, there is a recognisable ‘movement’ in Ruchi Chadha’s works. Ruchi, a well known artist, shows reflections in moving water, depicting what one wishes to reflect in their lives, while Gaurav, with a great sense of colours, creates rich tones on canvas which depict passion and romance. Often characterized by a sense of enigma, his works of art using non-objective forms and figurative alliances, engages the viewer by inviting them to be a part of the canvas. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfGeetika Sangwan’s artwork on the other hand is an amalgamation of contemporary, abstract and semi-realistic forms which she feels is the continuation of her journey of exploring the relation between human and nature. Other artists who shall be participating in the event, to showcase some jaw-dropping art pieces, includes Smita Jain, Ashish Bose, Amit Shrivistav and many more. The youngest of the lot is a 13-year-old, Mishika Chawla, whose choice of colours always had a vivid balance. Influenced mainly by nature, she loves to paint what catches her eye, from breathtaking landscapes to figurative works.The exhibition is an attempt to incorporate different independent artists with different ideas, style of work, perspectives and different viewpoints. The art pieces will be showcased between 11 am to 8 pm.last_img read more

California celebrates milestones and major openings in 2017

center_img Tags: California SACRAMENTO — As California prepares to enter the new year, the state’s tourism industry is announcing major openings and special milestones that make 2017 an ideal time to visit The Golden State.“California has long been a magnet for dreamers, inspiring them with our epic landscapes and anything is possible vibe and welcoming their creativity to shape our beautiful state,” said Caroline Beteta, president & CEO of Visit California. “In 2017, visitors will have the opportunity to take part in celebrating this rich history while enjoying an abundance of new attractions.”From reviving the spirit of the “grooviest” summer in history to taking a hike through California’s largest state park, 2017’s milestone anniversaries offer plenty to celebrate. Meanwhile, new hotels and new developments at some of the state’s major attractions bring fresh reasons to travel in the new year. Read below for more details on what’s to come.Milestone Anniversaries50th Anniversary of Summer of LoveIn 1967, nearly 100,000 young people converged on Haight-Ashbury, turning San Francisco into the epicenter of a cultural phenomenon known as the Summer of Love. In 2017, San Francisco celebrates the 50th anniversary of that summer with a variety of special events and exhibitions. Visitors can also enjoy walking tours, apps and hop-on, hop-off tours that follow the footprints of this seminal summer.PIER 39 Celebrates 39 YearsIn the late 1970s, San Francisco businessman and developer Warren Simmons dreamed of building an urban park along the city’s undeveloped waterfront. On Oct. 4, 1978, Simmons’ dream became a reality when he transformed a dilapidated cargo pier into PIER 39. Today, more than 11 million guests visit annually. In January, PIER 39 will kick off 39 weeks of fun to celebrate its 39 years of amazing views, fresh seafood, free daily entertainment, unique local shopping and sea lions!Culver City Centennial CelebrationThe history of Culver City begins in 1913 when Harry H. Culver announced his plans for a city at the California Club in Los Angeles; the city was finally incorporated on September 20, 1917. In celebration of its Centennial, Culver City has a year of festivities underway that began on Sept. 20, 2016, centered around its theme, “Culver City – A Century of Change.” Centennial festivities include special events every month, concluding on Incorporation Day on Sept. 20, 2017.90th Anniversary of TCL Chinese TheatreIn May 2017, the historic TCL Chinese Theatre will celebrate its 90th anniversary as a fixture in Hollywood. The venue is home to the unique Forecourt of the Stars, featuring cement handprints and footprints of major movie stars. TCL Chinese Theatre was opened by Sid Grauman in 1927 and currently offers more than 50 events a year including movie premieres, imprint ceremonies and film festivals.50th Anniversary of the Anza-Borrego FoundationIn celebration of 50 years of partnership, the Anza-Borrego Foundation and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park are inviting visitors to complete two five-hike challenges on some of the most famous (and infamous) peaks and trails in the region. “5 Hikes for 50 Years” is an ideal way for visitors to experience the many wonders of this Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, which is not only California’s largest state park but is located in the only Certified IDA International Dark Sky Community in the Golden State.More news:  Save the dates! Goway’s Africa Roadshow is back50th Anniversary of South Coast PlazaSouth Coast Plaza, a renowned international destination for shopping and dining, celebrates 50 years of quality. Located in Costa Mesa, California, South Coast Plaza opened on March 15, 1967. Today, it is home to more than 250 prominent boutiques, critically acclaimed restaurants and the celebrated Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Its unparalleled collection of diverse retailers, along with its customized concierge services, makes it California’s premier shopping experience. South Coast Plaza will mark its 50th anniversary throughout 2017 with exclusive collaborations with global luxury brands, arts partnerships, special events, exhibitions, fashion shows, and more.Major OpeningsDowntown Commons Coming to Sacramento Spring 2017The opening of the Golden 1 Center arena in October 2016 is the catalyst for the ongoing downtown redevelopment in Sacramento, including several new restaurants that have already opened. Downtown Commons, nicknamed DOCO, will be a 3-acre plaza adjacent to the arena featuring entertainment; innovative restaurants; boutiques; a 250-room Kimpton hotel, The Sawyer; and a place for people to enjoy outdoor concerts and activities.Archer Hotel Napa Opening Late Spring 2017Archer Hotel Napa, a new-build hotel in the heart of downtown Napa, is well underway and on track for a late spring opening. The highly anticipated 183-room, five-story will offer sweeping 360-degree views of Napa Valley from its expansive rooftop. The Charlie Palmer Group will lead the culinary direction of rooftop bar, over 15,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor meeting and event space, in-room dining and the signature restaurant, Charlie Palmer Steak. The James Los Angeles – West Hollywood Debuting April 2017The James Los Angeles – West Hollywood, a Denihan Hospitality’s The James luxury brand, will make its West Coast debut in April 2017 with 286 rooms. Located on the hillside corner of Sunset and La Cienega Boulevard in the heart of The Sunset Strip, this much-anticipated property will offer guests stunning panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills and Los Angeles Basin.InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown Opening in Summer 2017The eagerly anticipated InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown will stand 73 stories tall and feature 900 luxury rooms. The hotel will be located at Wilshire Grand Center, which will be the tallest building west of Chicago upon completion in summer of 2017.San Diego Zoo Opens Africa Rocks Exhibit in Spring 2017In spring 2017, The San Diego Zoo will open a new 8-acre exhibit called “Africa Rocks,” providing new habitats for African plant and animal species. This $68 million expansion is the largest in the 100-year-old Zoo’s history and will completely transform the area that was previously known as the Cat and Dog Canyon into an area with a gently-winding, ADA-accessible pathway.More news:  Visit Orlando unveils new travel trade tools & agent perksKnott’s Soak City to Open Six New Slides in Spring 2017The first Knott’s Soak City expansion project in 10 years features a 165-food water tower with four new slides and a second 150-foot tower with two slides. Visitors will enjoy new shaded areas and cabanas along with a new overall look. The expansion is expected to open in May 2017, just in time for families to start planning their summer vacations.SeaWorld San Diego Opening Largest Attraction YetEnjoy a summer of amazing fun in 2017 with the largest attraction opening in SeaWorld San Diego’s history, with three all-new experiences. While visiting, guests can: dive into Ocean Explorer on the interactive Submarine Quest to unlock some of the ocean’s greatest mysteries; be inspired by the new Orca Encounter featuring killer whales’ natural behaviors; and attend Electric Ocean’s end-of-day spectacle, which will light up the night in a glowing sea of wonder.The Mariposa Grove Reopening in Yosemite National Park in Summer 2017The Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park will reopen in summer 2017, following its closure in 2015 by the National Park Service as part of a restoration project. The Mariposa Grove is home to 500 mature giant sequoias and is the largest of the three groves in Yosemite National Park. The project was begun to ensure the health of the grove and upon completion will include over a half-mile of new accessible trails and boardwalks, a consolidated parking area, removal of commercial activities, and more.Greater Palm Springs Welcomes Series of New High-End HotelsIn 2017, four luxury hotels will open in Greater Palm Springs. The new Kimpton Rowan Hotel, scheduled to open downtown in March 2017, features a six-story new build with 155 rooms and a rooftop pool, the first of its kind in Palm Springs. Andaz Palm Springs, slated to open in summer 2017, will also be located in downtown Palm Springs. The 150-room, four-star Hotel Paseo, part of the Marriott Autograph Collection, is slated to open October 2017. And Hyde Hotel & Residences will debut in Coachella Valley in 2017, offering 150 two-bedroom condo units, 40 luxury suites and 10 luxury two-bedroom, standalone villas.About Visit CaliforniaVisit California is a nonprofit organization with a mission to develop and maintain marketing programs – in partnership with the state’s travel industry – that keep California top-of-mind as a premier travel destination. According to Visit California, spending by travelers totaled $122.5 billion in 2015 in California, generating 1,064,000 jobs in the state and $9.9 billion in state and local tax revenues. For more information about Visit California and for a free California Official State Visitor’s Guide, go to For story ideas, media information, downloadable images, video and more, go to Wednesday, December 21, 2016 last_img read more