Two Legged Robots Race in Japan

first_imgWell, this is encouraging. Just as we were all coming to grips with domination at the hands of Watson and his fellow know-it-all robot overlords, footage like this gets out. This is the first bipedal robot marathon, and in terms of future human enslavement, the results are pretty encouraging. The robots really sort of shuffle along and fall over–though they can right themselves for the record, so those planning on tipping over an invading robot hoard might want to rethink their approach.The robots, which raced early today in Osaka, are also fairly tiny, with the largest coming in at 16 inches tall. The race itself is really an endurance contest, with the ‘bots walking around the 328 foot long course a full 422 times. Battery recharges and repairs are allowed during the raise. If they fall over, they’re required to right themselves without the help of a human-type person.The four compete robots were designed by either the Osaka Institute of Technology or a company called Vstone.last_img read more