Increase in subvention essential to effective functioning – Councillors

first_imgLGE 2018To effectively function in their roles and provide acceptable services to all communities, Councillors of some Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) are calling for an increase in the yearly subvention that is disbursed through Central Government.Councillor and Constituency Four (Zeelugt) Candidate Poorandai SukhuIn an interview with some of the candidates who will be contesting the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE), Councillor Poorandai Sukhu told Guyana Times that this is one of her requests as she continues to represent Constituency Four (Zeelugt) on the West Coast of Demerara (WCD).According to her, the local organ body is given a $4 million per year to conduct works in the community and most officials of the Council feel this amount should be amplified.Judging from the previous years, the subvention did not suffice to meet all of the needs of the villages, since in most cases, the Council would have difficulties in carrying out its functions.“The subvention is $4 million and it don’t actually benefit all the Local Authority Areas (LAA) and the residents. Usually we don’t get more than that and it is hard for the Councillors to monitor that so that it can assist all of the constituencies,” said the Councillor and LGE candidate.Another issue of concern is the number of workers that were placed to work for the Council to clear drains and conduct small maintenance projects. It was revealed that 15 persons were appointed by the Government, but this number has been reduced to seven.“We are only left with seven so as Councillors, we are asking that they have more workers to the LLA. They would usually clear the burial grounds, drains and thick vegetation. If we don’t have workers, then those works can’t get done.”In the upcoming election which is slated for November 12, Sukhu reminded that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic, which she is representing during her re-election, is against any increases in rates and taxes.“Our main issue is the vote against tax. If there is any tax to levy on any property, we are voting against that because of the economic situation and people are out of jobs. It would be a pressure on our people at this time and the whole region at large.Along with that, she is trying to combat the high crime rate in her community by introducing training for women and youths. This will also assist in providing jobs to unemployed individuals.Better drainage, roads and utility services are also on the agenda if she manages to capture the win for the district. While there are no candidates from the A Partnership for Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC), two persons from the United Republican Party (URP) are among the list of contesters.“I will try my best to get better drainage for the area so that we don’t have any flooding. Not much of our roads in Zeelugt are completed and some are in a deplorable state. I would have asked for materials to fix it and I want to ensure that it is better after the elections as well.” (Rupadai Seenaraine)last_img read more