Permian Basin Drilling Report: June 7 – June 13

first_img Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for June 7 through June 13 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold.Anadarko E&P Onshore, LLC, Silvertip 76-9 Unit E, Loving, new drill; Sequoia 55-1-14 Unit, Loving, new drill; Sievers Unit 2-29, Reeves, new drill.Apache Corporation, CC 4243 X, Upton, new drill; Mohican Unit, Reeves, new drill (3); Weatherby 3231 Unit A, Reagan, new drill; CC 33, Upton, new drill; Cree State Unit, Reeves, new drill; Cecil, Glasscock, recompletion; Iroquois State Unit, Reeves, new drill.Approach Operating, LLC, University 45, Crockett, new drill (2).Boyd & McWilliams Operating, LLC, V-Bar 15, Winkler, new drill.Callon Petroleum Operating Co., Rock Garden, Ward, new drill.Centennial Resource Production, LLC, Cabrito State, Reeves, field transfer; War Eagle A Unit, Reeves, new drill; Iron Eagle Unit A, Reeves, new drill.Chevron U.S.A., Inc., Scharbauer, C., Midland, new drill (12); McElroy, J.T. Cons, Upton, reclass.Cholla Petroleum, Inc., Giles, Garza, new drill.Cimarex Energy Co., Sir Barton 4 State Unit, Culberson, new drill (7).Crimson Exploration Operating, Inc., River Rattler 0809, Pecos, new drill (2); General Paxton 3631, Pecos, new drill.CrownQuest Operating, LLC, Rattlesnake, Martin, new drill; Topher 2, Reagan, new drill (2); WR Bur Oak Unit, Howard, new drill (2); Hang Nail E, Martin, new drill (2); WR Vitex E, Martin, new drill; WR Vitex F, Howard, new drill (2); WR Vitex G, Martin, new drill.DE3 Operating, LLC, Dyer-Kilgore 25-34, Martin, new drill (3).Diamondback E&P, LLC, UL Mason East A, Andrews, new drill; UL Mason East C, Andrews, new drill.Element Petroleum Operating III, LLC, Baby Face Nelson Unit 17-8, Martin, new drill.Encana Oil & Gas USA, Inc., HNC 248E, Martin, new drill; HNC A248F, Martin, new drill.Endeavor Energy Resources, LP, WTH 10-3 A, Midland, new drill; Damron 42, Martin, recompletion; Mabee 13, Martin, recompletion; Cosper 37, Midland, recompletion; Hazelwood 3, Martin, recompletion; Gorman 29, Martin, recompletion; Hunt H, Reagan, new drill; Graham 48, Midland, recompletion; Hazlewood 32, Martin, recompletion; Hillger 41, Martin, recompletion; Ireton 9, Martin, recompletion; Lone Star 73D, Upton, recompletion; Lone Star 73E, Upton, recompletion; Lone Star 73F, Upton, recompletion.EXL Petroleum Operating, Inc., Barrett 1011, Martin, new drill.Fasken Oil and Ranch, Ltd., Hazlewood 29WB, Midland, new drill (2).Felix Energy Holdings II, LLC, UL Loveland 1920-17, Ward, new drill (8); Emmaline 848586-FA, Ward, new drill.Felix Water, LLC, University 34-16, Ward, new drill; University 19-17, Ward, new drill.Foreland Operating, LLC, Lorie 26, Irion, new drill; Clara Allen 12, Irion, new drill; Captain Coll 15, Irion, new drill (2).Fortuna Resources Development, LLC, Shelby 20, Gaines, new drill.Four Corners Petroleum II, LLC, E.W. Estes, Ward, recompletion (4).Grenadier Energy Partners II, LLC, Morgan-Neal 39-26, Howard, new drill.Greystone Petroleum, LLC, University Lands 31, Andrews, new drill.Halvey Energy, LLC, Rinewalt, Dawson, new drill.Hillcrest Petroleum, LLC, Hoelsher Schwertner, Runnels, recompletion.Jagged Peak Energy, LLC, Eiland 8-33, Reeves, new drill (2); UTL L.J. Beldin 1211-17, Winkler, new drill (2).Kinder Morgan Production Co., LLC, Yates Field Unit, Pecos, recompletion.Laredo Petroleum, Inc., SRH A, Reagan, new drill (3).Lario Oil & Gas Company, Arnold, Martin, new drill.Lime Rock Resources IV-A, LP, UL 13 Dover, Andrews, new drill.Magellan Pipeline Company, LP, 29.5, Howard, new drill; 33.5, Howard, new drill.Matador Production Company, Wolf 80-TTT-B33 WF SA #206H, Loving, new drill.NBL Permian, LLC, Bush 215, Reeves, new drill.NGL Water Solutions Permian, LLC, Hwy 302 SWD, Reeves, new drill.Novo Oil & Gas Texas, LLC, Cowden, Ector, new drill.Occidental Permian, Ltd., Levelland Unit, Hockley, new drill; Midland Farms Unit, Andrews, recompletion (2).On Point Oilfield Operations, LLC, Midkiff SWD, Midland, new drill.Oxy USA WTP, LP, Monger 303B, Reagan, new drill; Monger 304A, Reagan, new drill; Monger 304B, Reagan, new drill; Monger 305A, Reagan, new drill; Monger 305B, Reagan, new drill.Parsley Energy Operations, LLC, Sebastian 19-18-A, Upton, new drill (2); Atkins 23-23A-G, Upton, new drill (2); Atkins 23-23A-H, Upton, new drill.PCore Exploration & Production II, LLC, State Sasquatch, Reeves, new drill.PDC Permian, Inc., Grizzly North 7673, Reeves, new drill; Greenwich NW 3130, Reeves, new drill.Pearl Resources Operating Co., LLC, Garnet State, Pecos, new drill.Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., University 3-1720, Upton, new drill (3); Brook D-W17G, Upton, new drill; Brook D-W17H, Upton, new drill; Brook D-W17I, Upton, new drill; Driver 29, Reagan, new drill.PRI Operating, LLC, Viper 14N3, Reeves, new drill; Viper 14N4, Reeves, new drill; Viper 14N5, Reeves, new drill; Viper 14N6, Reeves, new drill; Marlin 11S, Reeves, new drill (5).QEP Energy Company, Flo B, Martin, new drill; Flo D, Martin, new drill (2).Ridgemont Operating, LLC, Thunderstruck, Scurry, new drill.Rim Operating, Inc., Mallet Ranch, Hockley, new drill.Rosetta Resources Operating, LP, Sky King 47-36-20 C, Reeves, new drill.Rover Petroleum Operating, LLC, N. Huntley Unit, Garza, new drill (4).RSP Permian, LLC, Calverley 9-4, Glasscock, new drill; Calverley 22-27, Glasscock, new drill (6).Sabalo Operating, LLC, Bow Tie 41-44, Howard, new drill; TCB 39-34, Howard, new drill; Scatter 15-10, Howard, new drill; Scatter 15-10 B, Howard, new drill.Scala Energy Operating, LLC, Miss Stein 37, Culberson, new drill.Shell Western E&P, Roosterfish 53-2-43 Lov Unit, Loving, new drill; University 20 PW Unit, Winkler, new drill (2).Shenandoah Resources, LLC, Big Red One, Garza, reenter (2).SM Energy Company, Fletch B, Howard, new drill; Taggert B, Howard, new drill; Top Gun, Howard, new drill.Steward Energy II, LLC, Paradise City 583, Yoakum, new drill.Surge Operating, LLC, Monstro Unit 04-16, Howard, new drill; Mozetti Unit A 37-48, Howard, new drill.Three Span Oil & Gas, Inc., Mapache Grande 144, Scurry, reenter.Triple Crown Resources, LLC, Farmar B, Irion, new drill; Farmar D, Irion, new drill.Urban Oil & Gas Group, LLC, Allison 19, Terrell, recompletion.Walsh Petroleum, Inc., East Brahaney 512 477, Yoakum, new drill.White Rock Oil & Gas, LLC, Paul Moss Unit, Ector, new drill.Wishbone Texas Operating Co., LLC, Longhorn 708, Yoakum, new drill.WPX Energy Permian, LLC, CBR 18-19F, Loving, new drill; CBR 18-19G, Loving, new drill; CBR 18-19H, Loving, new drill; CBR 18-19I, Loving, new drill; CBR 22, Loving, new drill.XTO Energy, Inc., Mi Noche, Ward, new drill; Frank Powell 20-29, Reagan, new drill; Goldsmith, C.A., et al, Ector, recompletion; Merrick Unit 2, Martin, new drill (2); LHS Ranch 27-21 (alloc 2103), Midland, new drill; El Kabong Unit 48-17-8, Pecos, new drill.>> RAILROAD COMMISSION Pinterest Local NewsBusiness Permian Basin Drilling Report: June 7 – June 13 Snap Inc. to Participate in the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference 2021 Facebook WhatsApp Congressman Mike Conaway talks to the Odessa American on Jan. 7, 2018. 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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: For Indiana, It’s a Tale of Two Fired-Coaches

first_imgFor Indiana, It’s a Tale of Two Fired-Coachesby Bryan Fox“I ain’t never gonna stop praying for him.” Former Indiana head basketball coach Tom Crean on the man who fired him.“I hope they’re all dead.” Former Indiana head basketball coach Bob Knight on the people who fired himFor IU fans, we’ve been down this path before. A path that involves chasing a ghost of glories past. The glory days IU hasn’t seen the likes of for over 20 years. A kind of past the older generation is starting to refer to as the good ole days. The days where IU was a consistent national contender and no even dare bad mouth The General. A man whose name is in Hoosier folklore along with Ernie Pyle and Red Skelton. No one can deny the legend that is Coach Bob Knight.So when Knight was fired 17 years ago, the entire state of Indiana was in an uproar. You CAN’T fire our coach! He wins! His players graduate! He runs a clean program! The fact that during Knight’s last six seasons his teams failed to win a Big 10 championship (while Purdue won three) nor make it past the NCAA’s second round failed to enter people’s minds at that moment.People held animosity for the university and its administrators for years after the firing. When Knight ended up at Texas Tech a couple years later, he still had followers. In fact, people didn’t blame him for having resentment for IU at that time. As time wore on, and he resigned from Texas Tech and he went into television working for ESPN, people started seeing him and hearing his voice more often. He hardly uttered the words Indiana. Instead, he would refer to Indiana as when he “coached in the midwest.” When he would reference a former IU player, he would often only refer to the player’s name without, once again, mentioning Indiana.When Indiana hired Tom Crean to take over the storied program in 2008, he welcomed Knight back with open arms. When there was celebrations during Crean’s tenure for the anniversaries of Knight’s three championship teams, Knight refused to come. When A.J. Guyton, Knight’s last standout at IU was inducted into the Indiana sports hall of fame a few years ago, he sent Knight an open invitation to attend his induction ceremony, Knight refused to make an appearance.Last year, Knight went on the campaign trail with Donald Trump. While in Michigan, Knight taunted the Michigan crowd saying, “We whooped you a** every time we played you.” No, Knight wasn’t referencing his 30 years coaching at Indiana. He was referring to his 4 years as a basketball player at Ohio State.Finally, as a way to take one last swipe at a university that made him a sports icon, Knight goes on The Dan Patrick Show and says he hopes all the people who terminated him are dead. A pretty morbid statement considering two of them are already dead. That would be former president Myles Brand (died of cancer) and former player Neil Reed (heart cancer) who accused Knight of chocking him. Even for the ardent Knight supporters, this was hard to defend.The point of this story: Knight holds grudges. Knight doesn’t forgiv, e. Knight is a cranky old man. Over the years, its been reported that Knight has had falling outs with former players, sports reporters, and opposing coaches. It’s no wonder he hasn’t died of a heart attack with having so much anger against so many people. Indiana fired Knight 17 years ago, the people who fired him are no longer at the university, and he’s still holding a grudge.Contract Knight to Crean. Crean was hired after former coach Kelvin Sampson tarnished the program with NCAA infractions. Crean got fired for being “too inconsistent” in the words of AD Fred Glass. Glass’s point is valid. When a team goes from winning the Big 10 championship to not making the tournament 2 different times in a five-year span, people start pointing fingers at the coach. However, in the past 6 years, one can argue that Crean’s last 6 years at IU was better than Knights. Crean made to 3 sweet 16 appearances and 2 Big 10 championships. I bring this up not to imply Crean’s firing was unjustified, but to compare him to the legend that is Knight and you’ll see there is not a significant difference during the latter part of each coaches tenure.Crean has never shied away from his faith. His teams prayed every game day and has referenced his Christian faith at press conferences. If there was going to be any bitterness for Crean, it was going to be now while the firing is still new. Instead, Crean invoked his faith on a recent radio show. “I ain’t gonna stop praying for him.” says Crean of his former boss AD Glass. Crean obviously is taking the advice of Jesus who, from his Sermon on the Mount, says “pray for you enemies.” Crean also has shown he has a forgiving heart and holds no grudges (unlike Knight) when referring to his firing at IU.At Indiana, there appears to be a tale of two fired-coaches. One who has held a grudge for 17 years after his firing and will surely do so to his grave. Then there’s another coach who was fired within the past two weeks and is praying for the man who fired him and was also seen at an Indiana women’s basketball game after the university fired him. The contrasts are striking. Maybe we should all start praying for Knight to have a softer heart.FOOTNOTE: Todays “Readers Poll” question is:  Do feel that the taxpayers of Evansville should cover the financial losses generated by the Thunderbolts?This letter was posted without editing, bias or opinon.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Torres seeks Bar reinstatement

first_img July 1, 2006 Regular News Torres seeks Bar reinstatement Torres seeks Bar reinstatement Pursuant to Rule 3-7.10, Ronald Robert Torres has petitioned the Supreme Court for Bar reinstatement.On December 20, 2004, the court suspended Torres for one year due to trust account violations.Any persons having knowledge bearing upon Torres’ fitness or qualifications to resume the practice of law should contact Barnaby Lee Min, Bar Counsel, The Florida Bar, Suite M-100, 444 Brickell Ave., Miami 33131, telephone (305) 377-4445.last_img