Honduras and U.S. Seize More than One Thousand Kilos of Cocaine on Boat in the Caribbean

first_img On 12 May, Honduran and U.S. authorities seized more than one thousand kilos of cocaine on a speedboat in the Caribbean, on which they detained three Hondurans and one Colombian, a Honduran government source announced. Defense Minister Marlon Pascua indicated at a press conference that the detentions took place off Gracias a Dios Cape, on Honduras’s Caribbean coast, after a pursuit that lasted more than two hours. “The average cargo carried by these speedboats is estimated to be a ton and a half,” the minister said, specifying that the exact amount of drugs confiscated will be determined following an inventory. The highest-ranking Honduran military commander, Gen. René Osorio, explained that the arrest of the four crew members “took place in the framework of Operation Blue Shield,” conducted jointly with the U.S. government. “It’s another blow that we’re striking” at the drug traffickers, he said. The drugs were in thirty-seven bales, equivalent to around 1,000 to 1,500 kilos, and there were also ten empty fuel drums in the vessel, “implying that those people were coming from South America, from Venezuela or Colombia,” he indicated. Osorio said that the confiscated drugs and the arrested crew members will be taken to Caratasca, in the department of Gracias a Dios, around 700 km east of Tegucigalpa, where there is a naval base. “The authorities will possibly arrive there, and counting the drugs and interrogating the detainees, to see what information they give us, will begin tomorrow (Friday) or tonight,” he added. By Dialogo May 16, 2011last_img

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