Bolivia Promotes Female to Army General for the First Time

first_img I think this advancement is great, normal (in first-world countries), fair and exemplary. In Ecuador there has never been a situation like this; furthermore, military officers who start as professionals and follow a military career (doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc), due to foolish selfishness and fear of the professional excellency – especially of the doctors, are “prohibited” from advancing to the rank of General within all armed forces, and even worse within the police. In this field it is a common thing for the third-world countries. I am embarrassed and sad to write this, but it’s the truth. A good thing for Bolivia. A woman was promoted to Army General for the first time in the history of Bolivia, during a ceremony held on May 21, where she was granted her saber by President Evo Morales, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, as mandated by the Constitution. A day before, two other women, Lily Cortéz and Cristina Cerrudo, were promoted to Police Generals. “Today, a woman rises to General of the Army. This might be a novelty within our institutions, but if we remember the past, there were female commanders of great mobilizations for the country,” Morales said. The first female Army General, Gina Reque Terán, was promoted along with other officers from the Army, Air Force and Navy. By Dialogo May 23, 2013 The head of government remembered indigenous leader Bartolina Sisa, who conducted a revolt against the Spanish crown alongside her husband, Tupac Katari in 1781, and heroine Juana Azurduy, who headed the revolution that resulted in the foundation of Bolivia in 1825. last_img

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