Delhi trivia night a hit

How many years has the Delhi and District Chamber of Commerce held its annual Trivia Night?The answer is 15.The most recent was held March 27 at the Delhi German Home.“We get the community together, it’s a fun night, and at the same time it raises funds that are going to be used towards helping the community and improving businesses here in Delhi,” said chamber president James Norman.The event saw 28 teams of four people coming together to answer 100 general knowledge questions.Dave Kington’s Tilson Tunes took first place and the top prize of $350.  The defending champions, Dustin Wakeford’s Delhi Llamas, came in second place, receiving a $250 award.  Team captain Chris Thomas and his group, the Scotch Society, came in third place, being awarded a $150 prize.Mike and Gail Jiggens have organized this event for the last 15 years. The Delhi Chamber acknowledged that dedication with a gift certificate to show their appreciation.“Hopefully they will continue for another 15 years,” Norman said about the time the Jiggens have put into these events.Creating the 100 questions can take some time.“It’s a year round thing. Certain things come up during the year that I’ll think about and research to make sure I’ve got the right answer,” Mike said about getting ready for the trivia night. “Most of the questions come in the last few months before the event. It’s fun putting the questions together.”Mike has prepared the questions for all 15 events.“I was honored to assist Mike and Gail with the event and I would like to thank the Delhi District Chamber Board members for all their work collecting door prizes,” said Sharon Lang, a chamber member. “Delhi is very fortunate to have local businesses showing their support for the event and the community.”The rules of the trivia night were explained to the crowd before the questions began. Outside communication devices were not allowed.The questions included topics such as how many holes are in a Ritz cracker, how many months Noah’s Arc was afloat, and what piece of art holds the world record for the most insurance.Throughout the night over 50 door prizes were handed out to people in [email protected]

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