Federal election 2019 roundup Trudeau is not dressed as Aladdin hes dressed

Showing clips of Trudeau’s late-night press conference aboard the Liberal campaign plane, Noah said Trudeau “hopped on his magic carpet and flew straight to a press conference to apologize.”Noah focused on the sheer extent of the scandal and Trudeau’s “enthusiasm.” Multiple photos and a video have surfaced and, in all of them, Trudeau seems to be covered from head to toe in dark make-up.“He’s wearing jeans, but he still did the legs. This guy’s committed,” said Noah.“Besides being problematic, it also sounds like Justin Trudeau would be the most annoying guy on Halloween,” Noah said.The show even ran a minute-long skit about the incident, riffing on recent gun confiscation schemes proposed in the United States, about a “mandatory buyback” of dark makeup from white people.Watch the full video below:Justin Trudeau’s blackface and brownface photos make for the worst #tbt imaginable. pic.twitter.com/RZ3wDuptN2— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) September 20, 2019 8:30 a.m. — Scheer promises new MRI and CT machinesConservative leader Andrew Scheer wanted to talk this morning about his party’s promise to spend $1.5 billion on new MRI and CT machines to replace old equipment across the country.The questions from reporters, though, mainly centred on gun control and Scheer’s past comments on same sex marriage.With the Liberals expected to make a gun control announcement in Toronto this morning, Scheer said he’s not sold on a blanket ban on semi-automatic weapons and supported a robust regime of screening and safety regulations instead.8:00 a.m. — The Liberal campaigns tries to get back on trackLiberal leader Justin Trudeau will make a policy announcement and take questions from reporters at 10:30 a.m. in Toronto this morning.Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will be in New Brunswick this morning where he will make a policy announcement and take questions at 9 a.m. local time. Scheer will finish his day in Nova Scotia.NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh will make an announcement this morning on pharmacare in Windsor. He’ll stay in the city all day, wrapping up with a town hall in the evening.Green Party leader Elizabeth May will be in Calgary on Friday morning for a policy announcement, before joining youth climate strikers in the city. Trevor Noah addresses Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal on The Daily Show. It’s day ten of the election campaign and the agenda starts with an early announcement from Andrew Scheer. In this live story, we’ll be tracking the campaign news as it happens.2:00 p.m. — A look inside Battleground BramptonIn 2011, the Tories nearly swept Brampton. In 2015, the Liberals had their turn. And this year, the Greater Toronto Area suburb is up for grabs, thanks to some big changes in the federal scene:In Brampton, the rise of Jagmeet Singh to the NDP’s leadership changes the dynamic considerably. Singh has big name recognition, a strong ground organization and a history of winning elections here. It means that Brampton — with its five crucial seats swept by the Liberals last election — is likely to be a three-way fight this time around.National Post reporter Brian Platt takes you inside the battleground.12:00 p.m. — In light of Trump comments, Trudeau says he’s focusing on CanadiansLiberal leader Justin Trudeau was asked about U.S. President Donald Trump’s comments about his blackface scandal, but he didn’t directly respond to the president’s words.Trudeau says he wants to focus on Canadians and, most importantly, people who were wounded or disappointed by the blackface images that came to light on Wednesday.In the Oval Office this morning, Trump said he was “surprised” by Trudeau’s blackface scandal and was “more surprised when I saw the number of times” it had happened.“I was hoping I wouldn’t be asked that question,” said Trump.President Donald Trump said he was “surprised” by photos of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface pic.twitter.com/CLP08kPxmP— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) September 20, 2019 11:45 a.m. — Trudeau announces Liberal gun control planIn Toronto this morning, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau announced an extensive new gun control policy.“Gun crime in Canada is on the rise. It’s a fact. Quite frankly I don’t understand how someone could look at this trend and think we need less gun control,” said Trudeau, flanked by more than a dozen Liberal candidates.The Liberal plan will ban all military-style assault rifles, including the AR-15. Trudeau says the government will work with the provinces and territories “to give municipalities the ability to further restrict — or ban — handguns.”The plan will also prevent people suspected of posing a danger to themselves or others from acquiring new firearms — also referred to as “red flag laws” — and will require that everyone importing ammunition must show proof of a valid firearms license. The Liberals will also beef up safe-storage laws.11:30 a.m. — Singh wants to put the focus on ‘the people who have been impacted’NDP leader Jagmeet Singh promoted the party’s plan on universal pharmacare in Windsor this morning and again addressed Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal.“With this incident of brownface and blackface, I’ve really wanted to put the focus on the people who have been impacted,” said Singh. “This behaviour of mocking the reality of Canadians is also seen in polices.”In the last two days, Singh has repeatedly drawn a parallel between the blackface images and an event in May where Trudeau mocked protesters from the Grassy Narrows First Nation, who were concerned about mercury poisoning in their community.Singh said he has had protesters disrupt his events with hateful and even Islamophobic comments (although Singh is Sikh).“People might say it was okay for me to mock that person. I never did. I don’t believe in that,” said Singh.Singh said the Grassy Narrows incident illuminates a deeper problem with Trudeau and his government, that the public comments are very different from what they say in private.“To me, that shows that to him, it is okay to mock people for their struggles,” said Singh. “That is something that is deeply troubling.”11:00 a.m. — Trump ‘surprised’ by Trudeau’s blackface scandalU.S. President Donald Trump said he was “surprised” by Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal and was “more surprised when I saw the number of times” it had happened.Trump in Oval says he was hoping he wouldn’t be asked about the Trudeau blackface controversy, adds that he was “surprised” and “more surprised when I saw the number of times”via our man from Canada @josh_wingrove— Justin Sink (@justinsink) September 20, 2019 9:30 a.m. — ‘Trudeau is not dressed as Aladdin, he’s dressed as Aladdin doing blackface’Last night Trevor Noah, the host of the Daily Show, sunk his teeth into the blackface scandal currently upending the Canadian election campaign.“First of all, it’s obviously never okay to do blackface. And secondly, if you are going to darken your skin at least get the colour right. Trudeau is not dressed as Aladdin, he’s dressed as Aladdin doing blackface,” said Noah, during his monologue.

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