Capcom celebrating 30th anniversary with 8bit arcade games

first_imgCapcom came into existence as a company back on June 11, 1983. That means this year is the Japanese company’s 30th anniversary and a celebration is in order.Rumblings about what form that celebration would take started to appear earlier this week, with Famtisu Magazine stating a Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Retro Game Collection was being released in Japan. The idea being, Capcom would update a number of 8-bit arcade classics for re-release on Xbox Live and PSN.The Capcom Unity blog has since confirmed that the Arcade Cabinet collection will be coming to Western consoles. The complete list of games hasn’t been released yet, but the first games to appear are expected to be Black Tiger, 1942, Commando, Gun.Smoke, and Trojan.These releases will be arcade perfect ports (including any bugs), meaning they are also going to be quite hard games. But Capcom has taken that into consideration and will be adding a number of modes to allow for difficulty adjustment. Rest assured though, you’ll be able to play the games as originally intended if you so choose.Full details of what games will be included and how much they are going to cost will be revealed on February 7. For now, Capcom has released a couple of teaser screenshots we’ve included here.If the predicted games turn out to be the initial line-up, then Capcom is certainly sticking with action titles. Black Tiger is a platform game from ’87, 1942 a shoot-em-up from ’84,  Gun.Smoke a shooter from ’85, Commando a shooter also from ’85, and Trojan is a side-scrolling action game from ’86. It’s worth pointing out Capcom has 144 arcade titles from which to choose, so I’m sure there’s more to come.via Capcom Unitylast_img

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