Samsung Smart TVs will gain PlayStation Now in 2015

first_imgSony’s game streaming service has only just started to gain traction around the world, but with its newest partner there’s a good chance we’ll be hearing a lot more about the success of this platform next year. Samsung has just announced that they are the first licensee for PlayStation Now, making it so all you need is a DualShock 4 controller and access to Samsung’s Smart Hub to enjoy the ever growing library of streaming PlayStation titles.Backwards compatibility is the biggest problem with the next-gen consoles. The move to Intel-based platforms made supporting old and new games a complicated prospect, but Sony came up with a solution that made it so you could ditch your old console and still give them lots of money. PlayStation Now is the successful application of Gaikai game streaming, and so far it’s been a decent beta experience. The service lets you play tons of different PS3 and PS2 games from your PS4, PS Vita, or Sony’s $100 set top box. Starting in 2015, however, if you’ve got a Samsung Smart TV you won’t need any of those things.Samsung hasn’t made it clear whether or not there will be versions of their Smart TV line that can’t handle this setup, so as far as anyone is aware this will be an app that can be installed across their entire line. Obviously Samsung is going to want to use this as a big push for their newest line of televisions, which we won’t see until January, but it would be a huge deal for Samsung if this function was rolled out to their entire Smart TV lineup next year.AdChoices广告last_img

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