With more than 110m in travel insurance claims pa

first_imgWith more than $110m in travel insurance claims paid out from Covermore last year, the value of adding travel insurance to your holiday really is a no brainer.According to DFAT, one in 10 Australians travel overseas without insurance. Covermore said around six percent of their customers claim on their policy each year. The claims rang from smaller claims for lost, but valuable items (like a smartphone) or a visit to a private medical centre, to major, life-saving cases, such as a $700,000 claim for a customer who was in a sky-diving accident in the US.Case studies on travel insurance claims include medical assistance and business class flights home for a traveller who was ‘fit to fly’ after he had a stroke in Barcelona, Spain. Having travel insurance meant an ambulance was arranged to the customer’s hotel when his wife called the 24/7 medical assistance team to find out what they should do. Covermore oversaw his medical care and managed their logistics. Their claim came to $27,000.Hearing outcomes like this is reassuring for travellers taking out travel insurance, offering piece of mind. Travel agents selling travel insurance can do so with confidence. The best way agents can inform clients about why they need travel insurance is to ask them what they want in an insurance policy and then talk about the benefits they are seeking. It often helps them to realise how travel insurance can help them to keep travelling.Cover-More notes that policies provide several industry-first benefits, including cancel-for-any-reason cover, cover for mental illnesses, access to an Australian-based GP no matter where you are in the world with our 24/7 Travel GP, and new-for-old luggage replacement.They also offer travellers direct payment of their hospital bills, access to first-world medical care at no cost – whether it’s available in the country they are in or if they need to be medically evacuated to a hospital equipped to treat them, unlimited cover for medical and dental, and quick online claims.Covermore executive general manager, sales and distribution, Michael Stein said “we obviously and wholeheartedly standby the statement, ‘if you can’t afford travel insurance you can’t afford to travel.’”“Travel insurance is meant to protect travellers from the unforeseen and unexpected, whether it’s accessing medical assistance for a mental illness that develops while they’re travelling, whether they need to cancel their trip for any reason, whether they need to see a doctor in New York City, or access a lifesaving medivac from a cruise in the South Pacific.”Michael adds that not all policies are equal, so it’s vital that travellers shop around and choose a policy that best fits their needs rather than settling on the cheapest policy.To learn more about Covermore Travel Insurance, agents can get in touch with our National Support Team at [email protected] Agent AdviceCovermoretravel insurancelast_img

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