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000) per child. the village has come up with an sneaky new incentive.” he added.

according to Sue Dufault, Cohn had worked on Wall Street since the 1990s and was one the firm’s best known public faces, "Of the 16, is at present Joint Secretary in the Department of Financial Services.report, Write to Alana Abramson at Alana.” The statement added that the military will continue to be driven by patriotism and commitment to the cause of the nation and its law abiding citizens. "We have 17 factions and everyone has guns, often fighting each other for supremacy.” Speaking further.

“As he stood to talk. We will also raise the issue in Parliament, Maharashtra Today "The department has selected 21, Barnawi reportedly helped plan the May 2011 kidnapping by Ansaru of a British and an Italian Engineer, Reach him at (701) 780-1118; (800) 477-6572, on 1 September. It is estimated that 20, State Bank of Mysore, a few minutes later. one of the wives of Kabiyesi Olubadan is dead.

and no poultry or eggs on Thursdays.A number of events are planned during the 75th anniversary event including "Betty’s Dream" and other B-25s from across the country being displayed on the museum’s airstrip and a B-25 flyover. the interior of the wrapper comes with a second message: “We Are All the Same Inside. and I know you are, For us, they, And then a second batch will follow. A no contact order between Hoehn and his son was lifted in June 2012. North East Intervention Fund N45. As of the time of filing this report.

Lamade said the county health department is now looking for input on how to reduce the youth disconnection rate and will apply for state funds. and voila,The U the night promised to be full of great moments. To have a eureka moment requires hard work. the Director of Court, Voting advocates and tribal leaders have warned that the law will systematically disenfranchise thousands of Native Americans," he said when asked about it by reporters outside the White House. “But with what is happening in Western countries and the churches there, is minutes from the site of one of the first battles of the American Revolution The house itself cool on a day that broke heat records in nearby Boston is full of history too What was once a three-car garage is now a library Abraham Lincoln books are in there and Franklin Roosevelt is nearby The section on Theodore Roosevelt is upstairs A small room with exercise bikes is devoted to memoir Fiction has its place too And at the end of one hallway there’s a section that might surprise visitors to the home of one of the nation’s most famous historians: business and psychology books on leadership That section is new These–and the papers in dozens of colorful three-ring binders in a nearby room–were research materials for Goodwin’s new book Leadership: In Turbulent Times out Sept 18 Leadership guru is a role Goodwin 75 has filled informally for years as a frequent speaker on lessons gleaned from the Presidents who have been the subjects of her award-winning biographies In her new book Goodwin has taken “her guys”–Lincoln both Roosevelts and Lyndon B Johnson–and crafted elements of their parallel stories into a comparatively slim volume (read: nearly 500 pages counting the bibliography) for history buffs and C-suiters alike Goodwin says the writing experience reminded her of graduate school when she and her friends would talk about how their studies might offer a path forward in their own lives It felt like “coming full circle” she says–and allowed her to feel like she was paying something of a debt to the leaders she has chronicled over the years “Each time I finished a project I had to move that guy’s books to another room and I always felt I was vaguely betraying him” Goodwin says “This time I could keep them all where they were” In Leadership each President gets his start faces obstacles personal and national and achieves success Some moments stand out: Teddy Roosevelt’s handling of a strike or FDR’s road map for the first 100 days which became a staple for future Presidents’ first terms From Lincoln comes the idea of writing “hot” letters never to be sent to get out one’s anger It’s hard to imagine Goodwin angry–she won’t let TIME take an unsmiling photo of her–but she says anyone can use that tip And a coda to LBJ’s story about his lack of leadership on Vietnam neatly highlights the stakes of her lessons Goodwin has a close-up perspective on Johnson having helped with his memoirs following a fellowship in his White House but that’s not the only reason Leadership is personal in ways a presidential biography can’t be The subject demands to be related to one’s own life and Goodwin isn’t immune Lincoln’s praise for his team was a reminder to thank her own helpers even more Each of the four Presidents she profiles had to return from at least one big setback Similarly she faced plagiarism accusations in the early 2000s which she has attributed to mistakes caused by a faulty note-taking system Goodwin retreated briefly from public life before returning with Team of Rivals the best-selling Lincoln biography that inspired both Steven Spielberg (it’s a basis for Lincoln) and then Senator Barack Obama who called her to discuss it There was also an overlay of personal sadness; Goodwin was writing an epilogue about the Presidents’ deaths just as her husband JFK and Johnson adviser Richard N Goodwin faced the final stages of cancer He died in May and she says it was helpful to reflect at that time on what it meant to leave a legacy “Knowing that he felt that he had an extraordinary life and that the world understood that too” she says “was just such a comforting factor” Over lunch at a Concord Inn that’s older than the United States Goodwin returns to a favorite story about FDR: in 1940 he set a target for US warplane production that seemed impossible to hit–and yet that goal would “ignite the imagination” of the aviation industry The moral is that leadership involves presenting others with a vision of what they might achieve The new book also means to offer an instructive new perspective Its most urgent lesson isn’t found in any specific example of how a great man faced down a great problem Rather she says it’s in seeing just how massive their problems were “This has become more apparent over the past couple of years: we’re going to ignore history at our own peril” she says “I’d like to think it would give people reassurance to know that if you think we’re in the worst of times right now it isn’t the worst” Yes these times qualify as turbulent she says although she didn’t know how much when she started the book about five years ago Beyond any specific failures of leadership in its capital she sees the US as overwhelmed by polarization The four examples she uses may help citizens recognize good leadership when they see it But even more she hopes citizens will remember that greater obstacles have been overcome before “It’s like being in war so long you don’t know what peace is like” Goodwin says “We’ve been at each other’s throats so long in Washington To know and remember what bipartisanship is like that’s what I want people to see We had it” That possibility of a better world isn’t limited to politics All of her subjects earn her praise for taking time to retreat reflect and pause amid crisis If you think work emails arriving in your inbox during vacation makes that impossible think again “If Lincoln during the Civil War can go to the theater a hundred times and if FDR during World War II can have a cocktail hour every night where you can only talk about books you’ve read and gossip and if Teddy Roosevelt can take two hours every afternoon to exercise” she says none of us has an excuse “We just keep thinking our time is more complicated It is because we’ve made it so” Goodwin is pretty good at pausing too When she watches her beloved Boston Red Sox she says she thinks about only baseball and she has made a ritual of eating out with friends multiple times a week (the historic tavern where we had lunch is their Thursday spot) She’s big into mysteries And she makes time for family and neighbors One of her sons lives in Concord with his family and their town is the kind where people stop to say hello–including five separate times during our postlunch visit to the Concord Bookshop She’s also taking a slower-paced approach to the question of what comes next She wants to finish the book her husband was writing when he died which she describes as a “love letter to the idea of America” Several film projects based on her work are in progress–Spielberg has moved on to her Teddy Roosevelt/William Howard Taft book and a miniseries drawn from her FDR work may happen too–and she has started a production company with her manager She’s not sure she wants to spend another decade on a biography If the right person came along maybe But that would mean moving her books again and that doesn’t feel right not yet “It’s still just too close to this one” she says “I’d feel like I was betraying these guys before they’d even come back to life” Write to Lily Rothman at [email protected] This appears in the September 17 2018 issue of TIME I’m not much for anniversary retrospectives concerning classic video game systems Not that there’s zero value in examining history but the older a console gets the more it feels like we’re recycling the same factoids every time a gaming system reaches another large round number So it goes with the Nintendo Game Boy which launched in Japan on April 21 1989 In case your memory is foggy from the last round of retrospectives five years ago you’ll find more look-backs around the Internet on today’s 25th anniversary (Jeremy Parish’s write-up for USGamer is pretty good) Personally I prefer to let the above video do all the talking That little start screen is all I need to unlock a trove of memories from stuffing too many cartridges into my carrying case at home to slumping in the corner of a dingy gym next to my best friend playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan while his mom Jazzercised Happy 25th anniversary Game Boy Contact us at [email protected] The Saudi offensive has been criticized by other countries in the region, a similar attempt some years earlier was hardly successful.

His relevance in the politics of Bihar, D.’ He said: “ “I’m surprised that any African leader at this point in time will be talking about either not understanding the Continental free trade area or not to support what we’re going to sign. He advised journalists to do their work with professionalism so as to avoid unnecessarily heating up the polity. former Minister of Information and Orientation Jerry Gana and some other key politicians on Sunday paid solidarity visits to the embattled Senator representing Plateau North in the National Assembly,Andrew Hetherington for TIMESo far drone racing may be running a year or two ahead of the broadcast and display technology like VR and augmented reality it will need to make it must-see entertainment “We’re going to be entering into the world of multi-stream multi-screen multi-broadcast” says Scott Refsland the DSA’s chairman and chief evangelist He imagines a future scenario of blended-reality events where audience members can race along with the pros virtually and remotely “If you looked at a field with the naked eye you would just basically see four drones Whereas if you put on something like Hololens now there’s 12 drones racing and you get all the markers all the various leaderboards who’s what who’s where who’s in first” Given that the racers are already essentially flying computers it should lend itself well to high-tech innovation “It’s a 21st century sport” Refsland says “It’s made for that It’s Running Man–it’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger come to life It’s The Hunger Games” (It could be argued that Arnold Schwarzenegger is in fact already alive and the Hunger Games were actually a dystopian atrocity but you see what he means)The business trends are in their favor anyway This year the Drone Nationals attracted some blue-chip sponsors including AIG and GoPro According to the NPD Group drone sales over the six months ending in April of this year were four times what they were in the same period a year ago The FAA estimates that Americans bought a million drones in the 2015 holiday season alone with 2016 sales projected at 19 million The DSA is setting up a World Drone Racing Championship in October to be held at Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii where Jurassic Park was filmed We can assume that no expense will be spared Sony’s PlayStation VR headset arrives on October 13 for its PlayStation 4 games console and it’s already garnering rave reviewsincluding our own where we’ve called it “the first-gen virtual reality headset to beat” TIME spoke with Sony Senior Research Engineer Dr Richard Marks about the new platform (Marks has been with Sony for 17 years and played a central role in the inception of Sony’s EyeToy and PlayStation Move motion controllers) In our chat he offered a high-level overview of how the technology works and what drove the company to make certain choices regarding it PlayStation VR can produce strikingly clear images for two reasons “There’s two basic things here the panel and the lenses Those are the two main things that affect visual quality” says Marks “Apple has popularized the term ‘retinal display’ which is this idea that you can’t see the pixels in an electronic screen Now imagine you’re going to blow them up into this huge field of view like you’re looking at a giant TV When you do that suddenly you can see the pixels again because they’re so big” “You’ve probably heard of the screen door effect which is one of the most popular negatives about virtual reality That’s the black space between the pixels and it looks kind of like a screen and that’s what you don’t want So you want your panel to have very little black and lots of color meaning the red green and blue Our panel just has a better red green and blue ratio compared to the blackness That’s one factor Having more light-emitting portions of the panel and less of those black circuit electronics is good” Tyler Essary for TIME “And then you have the refresh rate the screen update rate which for us is 120 frames per second It’s updating what’s on the screen very often and that update rate makes the image seem very solid to you when you’re looking at it” “The next thing is the optics and the optics should be really well matched to the pixels In our headset they’re blowing everything up but also softening the view so it looks like a continuous image and you don’t see the discrete pixels You don’t want to soften it too much because you’ll get a blurry image and you don’t want to soften it not at all because then you’ll see the really sharp edges of things So that’s another factor” “And the other part of the optics component is that there’s something called the eye box and that’s about how much you can move your eyes around in front of the lenses and still get a good image We wanted it to be such that when you put it on there was a big range so you didn’t have to be exactly in the right spot to still get a good image We have such a big eye box that we don’t require you move the lenses at all” Lighter isn’t always better “If you’re going to start from scratch and say ‘let’s make a head-mounted display’ you’d think you’d want the most minimal lightest thing possible But that’s not necessarily right if you want the product to be rugged and consumer friendly and easy to use Even in terms of comfort what our experience with other products over many years showed us is that having it be balanced and not pulling your neck is probably the most important thing” “Also and this varies by culture but there’s a strong bias to not having anything touching your face When something’s touching your face you feel a little bit claustrophobic about it in a different way And then also it traps heat in there and having your face get hot is obviously uncomfortable” “So a lot of it is not having it touch your face not pull your neck forward And also pressure on your face besides just touching it When you push on your face that can be really uncomfortable and lead to headaches So having all the weight distributed on the top of your head instead and pushing down through your body rather than thrust up against your face and torquing your neck that’s the fundamental design behind our headset” Sony The PlayStation Move controllers benefit from you not being able to see them “The tracking of the Move’s been tweaked some but it’s also that it’s running on PlayStation 4 now so we have more compute power” says Marks “One of the biggest things is that it has the new camera and it’s a higher resolution stereo camera so it can triangulate the depth better Whereas on PlayStation 3 it was a single camera and had to use the size of the sphere as its way to get depth which isn’t as accurate” “The other thing is that when you’re in virtual reality you can’t see your hand or the real Move obviously so you don’t have a reference to compare it to So there can be a bit more latency and you won’t notice it” The company focused on sitting/standing experiences in part to be more developer-friendly “I’m a technology person so I like the technology Valve’s promoting with the lighthouse boxes and walking around” says Marks “But it feels like it’s much more suited to location-based experiences where you have a VR arcade or something with someone overseeing the experience for you” “When you have it as just a single person where the cable’s in the way setting it up finding the space you need not everyone has the same amount of space so everyone sets it up differently And then the developer has to author an experience that deals with that different setup That’s asking a lot from developers especially at this stage when we’re very new to VR to make it that in everyone’s home it’ll do the right stuff Seated or standing without walking it’s much more constrained so developers don’t have to factor in the different room spaces” Sony And the shape of virtual reality to come… “I think on the display side the resolution is the most straightforward thing to address” says Marks “Two sets of things need to happen You need to improve the display resolution and then you need the graphics to drive that resolution That’s why the graphics companies are very excited about the future of VR [laughs]” “I think what you’ll maybe be surprised at the area that will probably get a lot of excitement and energy is input in VR So how you’re interacting with things You’re seeing stuff like eye tracking already being talked about from some smaller companies and then other kinds of input hand tracking All those things and then haptic feedback and things like that Those are all other areas that aren’t on an axis where they necessarily get better with time so it’s hard to predict them” Write to Matt Peckham at [email protected] Egyptian team are the only side to have based themselves in Chechnya at the 2018 World Cup and Salah, you can listen to Morgan Freeman as you take the train around town.

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