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interacts through other forces,a Brada? an astronomer at the University of California Davis "But whether this is dark matter self-interacting or some [ordinary matter] effect of which I can think of many I think it’s premature to say" For example Brada says the churning interactions of the four galaxies themselves triggers the formation of stars separated from the dark matter halos To test such possibilities researchers need to model the detailed evolution of the cluster she says Massey says his team is already working on it Even if the observation is evidence that dark matter interacts with itself that interaction appears to be about 1/1000 as strong as would be needed to explain away the core-cusp problem In fact 2 weeks ago Massey and colleagues published in Science a study of colliding galaxy clusters that limited the strength of such self-interactions "That previous study showed that [the strength of the interaction] is low" Massey explains The new result suggests that "it’s really really low but it’s not zero" This post is in partnership with Fortune which offers the latest business and finance news Read the article below originally published at Fortunecom Over the course of my career at BP from trainee to chief executive I was frequently asked whether I had a girlfriend or whether I was married People assumed that I was a bachelor who had not yet met the right woman It was a fair assumption for an obvious reason: Most people are straight But for those who remain in the closet the assumption of heterosexuality can be highly damaging It reinforces their feeling that being gay is something out of the ordinary something that would put them at a disadvantage in their personal and professional lives and something that is probably best kept hidden The assumption of heterosexuality is one of the reasons that many people in business and in other sectors continue to lead hidden lives I have spent the past 18 months conducting interviews for my book The Glass Closet: Why Coming Out Is Good Business about the risks and rewards of coming out in business I encountered men and women who despite living in an age of diversity targets lesbian gay bisexual and transgender corporate networks and equal marriage are still afraid of the consequences of coming out Young executives in their 20s should be free of the fears that plagued me for over 40 years but the evidence suggests that many of them are not Through four decades at BP I kept my private life separate from my business life As a young professional in the oil industry my career was going in the right direction and I saw absolutely no purpose in coming out The corporate ladder was slippery enough on its own without complicating things by throwing oil on the rungs By the time I was chief executive I was worried that any disclosure would damage critical business relationships particularly those in the Middle East In countries where homosexuality is illegal my public profile probably would have protected me but my sexuality could have had unknown and unlimited consequences on BPs businesses For the rest of the story got to Fortunecom Contact us at [email protected] James Whatling—Splash News/Corbis Catherine.