Lizard species found to reduce head bobbing mating ritual when predators are

first_img Explore further ( —A team made up of researchers from several universities in the U.S. has found that male brown anoles (Anolis sagrei)—a type of lizard, dramatically reduced its head bobbing mating dance when predators were introduced. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers describe their field study of the lizards and how it resulted in the discovery that an animal was able to change its mating behavior so quickly. Study shows male bowerbirds manipulate female color perception Male brown anoles, like many other lizards (and other species) engage in a dance of sorts when attempting to attract a mate. It bobs its head in exaggerated movements, puffs up its bright orange dewlap and even does some pushups. In addition to attracting a mate, the dance is believed to also serve as a warning to rivals to stay away. In this new effort, the researchers found that if predators came into the area, the males immediately toned down their moves, hoping apparently, to remain unseen, while attempting to entice a mate.To find out more about the lizard’s mating patterns the team of researchers ventured down to its home in the Bahamas and set about measuring the amount of movement involved in head bobbing with several specimens on several of the islands. Once that was completed, they introduced carnivorous curly-tailed lizards, (Leiocephalus carinatus) onto the islands, which are known to catch and eat brown anoles. After waiting for a period of time to allow the new arrangements to settle, the researchers once again measured the distance the heads of several specimens traveled as they engaged in their head bobbing dance, and found that the distance had decreased dramatically (up to 40 percent). They also noted that the lizards appeared to be more timid as they bobbed, doing so with far less enthusiasm.The researchers surmise that the reduction in head bobbing was due to a desire to be less noticeable to the newly arrived predators that may be in the area. How the females responded to the feeble mating gestures has yet to be determined, though it’s likely they too would prefer to not attract the attention of predators when mating as well.The researchers note that many cases of animals changing their mating rituals have been observed over the course of several generations in response to predators, but a single species changing its mating habits in its own lifetime has not been seen before. Journal information: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences More information: Predation-associated modulation of movement-based signals by a Bahamian lizard, David S. Steinberg, PNAS, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1407190111AbstractSignaling individuals must effectively capture and hold the attention of intended conspecific receivers while limiting eavesdropping by potential predators. A possible mechanism for achieving this balance is for individuals to modulate the physical properties of their signals or to alter the proportion of time spent signaling, depending upon local levels of predation pressure. We test the hypothesis that prey can alter their visual signaling behavior to decrease conspicuousness and potentially limit predation risk via modulation of signal properties or display rate. To do so, we conducted a manipulative experiment in nature to evaluate the possible effect of predation pressure on the physical properties of movement-based signals and on the proportion of time spent signaling by using a well-understood predator–prey system in the Bahamas, the semiarboreal lizard Anolis sagrei, and one of its main predators, the curly-tailed lizard Leiocephalus carinatus. We find that on islands onto which the predator was introduced, male anoles reduce the maximum amplitude of head-bob displays but not the proportion of time spent signaling, in comparison with control islands lacking the predator. This reduction of amplitude also decreases signal active space, which might alter the reproductive success of signaling individuals. We suggest that future studies of predator–prey interactions consider the risk effects generated by changes in signals or signaling behavior to fully determine the influence of predation pressure on the dynamics of prey populations.center_img Citation: Lizard species found to reduce head bobbing mating ritual when predators are around (2014, May 20) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2014 Male anolis sagrei expanding its throat. Credit: Frédéric Trudeau/Wikipedia. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Playing just the right keys

first_imgDelhi brings Un Argentin A Paris by Christine Chareyron –Pianist, a musical night and melodious experience for all the piano lovers on Wednesday on 4 September at Alliance Francaise de Delhi. Christiane Chareyon is an established pianist and a piano teacher at the Music School of Suresnes. After studying at the national Music College of Grenoble followed by the higher National Music School of Paris, she also practiced under the supervision of Jean Fassina. She has also has a passion toward s Dramatic Arts,which she studied at National Music school at Chambery and then at the National Music College of Grenoble. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’She will be playing pieces from repertoire of Astor Piazzolla an Argentinan composer. Regarding Piazzolla, Christine Chareyon says herself that playing her pieces brings each time something new nothing is ever fixed and settled .It is mostly a unique and sharing experience.She induces another type off rhythm in her concerts with brief talks based on texts directly linked with the pieces played. Her intention is to carry the audience in an experience that is wider and wider.last_img read more

North East comes calling

first_imgThe event held an interactive session based on the North East Fest and several discussions were conducted regarding how the fest is playing a vital role in enhancing the North East market. A fashion show was organised during the event where Soha Ali Khan, actor and brand ambassador of the NEF walked the ramp accompanied by other models.Explaining the importance of the event, director of Home Affairs North East division, Ajay Kanaujia said, ‘NEF is an important step in bringing the North East closer to the rest of the country. With the Delhi chapter the event is sure to bring national focus to the splendor that this region contains across industries be it fashion ,music, food, culture or tourism. We look forward to open a platform to provide various opportunities for the people of the region.’ Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Speaking about the upcoming fest Soha said, ‘The NEF in its second edition will prove to be even more bigger and better occasion for the promotion of talent, craft, skill, food and beauty in the North East. I am personally a big fan of everything from this area, the food, the warm and friendly people,the musical tradition, the fashion, the intricate and their weaving skills. I look forward to the NEF as it will allows everyone to get acquainted with the delights this region has to offer.’ Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixDeka, a fashion designer from Guwahati said, ‘North East and its people have always been known for fashion in the entire nation. The design in its area is a perfect blend of global style and traditional allure. The NEF will bring the immense wealth in design and fashion to the fore at the mainstream level. The workshop and one-on-one interaction with design will offer an opportunity for exchange and learning for both the designers and the aspiring members of the fashion.’The dignitaries who were present during the event were Chairman and MD of National Textile Corporation, RK Sinha, Director Technical, RK Sharma and Joi Barua, famous Singer of North East.last_img read more

Watercolour and controlled strokes

first_imgAkbar padamsee, Jai Zharotia, Sudip Roy, R.K. Saini, Anubhav Som, all these artists from different stages in their career have one thing in common; the confidence of working with watercolour. The Challenge: Watercolour as a Medium is an exhibition of artworks by Indian artists spanning several generations who used watercolour as a medium. The exhibition is being organised by Gallery and is open since the 12 October.Watercolours can be called ‘Quick visual notes’ or ‘Visual Diaries’ as life is captured on paper with urgency yet in controlled strokes. It’s a percolation of ideas and experiences using pigment, water and light to create artworks which have luminosity and confidence. The amount of controlled fluidity demanded from this medium is unlike other mediums of painting.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The show has works by senior artists like Akbar padamsee, Jai Zharotia, Sakti Burman, Ganesh Haloi, Laxma Goud; senior Contemporary artists namely Sudip Roy, R.K. Saini, Bikash Poddar and  also younger contemporary artist like Anubhav Som, Ramesh Jhawar and Karan Thapa. These artists have the attributes of fluidity, immediacy and intuition evident in their artworks and have understood and overcame the challenges of watercolour as a medium.When: On till 11 November (Monday to Saturday) Where: Five Art Gallery Consultants, Lado Sarailast_img read more

Oscar for Unbroken would be great

first_imgUnbroken is about the life of World War II hero Louis ‘Louie’ Zamperini, a former American Olympic track star who survives a plane crash in the Pacific, and after being discovered floating on a raft after 47 days, is made a prisoner of war by Japan and spends two-and-half years being tortured whilst incarcerated.The Hollywood star has said that it meant a lot to her to be able to bring Zamperini’s story to the big screen and therefore she would cherish any Oscar win even more than her first Academy Award 14 years ago for ‘Girl, Interrupted’, reports at the British premiere of the film here, she said: ‘I love directing and most of all I felt very responsible to this story and this man’s life.’ When asked what Oscar success would mean, she replied: ‘It would mean a great deal to me, for sure.’ The much anticipated film is set to release Dec 25.last_img read more

Sexist video games hamper empathy in men for women

first_imgYoung male gamers who strongly identify with male characters in sexist and violent video games show less empathy towards female violence victims in real life, say researchers.They found that males who played ‘Half Life 1’ or ‘Half Life 2’ games — violent games sans sexist component — did not show the same lack of empathy as those who played the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ (GTA) games that combined sexism and violence.“Males who really identified with their characters in the sexist, violent games didn’t feel as much empathy for the victim,” said Brad Bushman from The Ohio State University in Columbus. In a video game, you are physically linked to the character. “You control what he does. That can have a real effect on your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, at least in the short term,” Bushman added in the paper published in the journal PLOS ONE.The team analysed 154 high school students, aged 15-20 years. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Some of the participants played GTA games that contained both violence and sexism. Bushman noted that in these games, women are secondary characters who are used as sexual objects by players.The second group played ‘Half Life 1’ or ‘Half Life 2’ which are violent but do not portray women in a sexual or sexist manner. In fact, the female character in the ‘Half Life’ games plays an active role. The third group played games which have neither violence nor sexism. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix“Most people would look at these images and say the girl pictured has to be terrified,” Bushman noted. The findings showed that after playing a violent, sexist game, male players reported lower levels of sympathy and compassion compared to those who played games without a sexist component.These males were likely to agree with what are called “masculine beliefs.” The study also identified which players are most likely to be affected by sexist and violent games and how exactly the games have their impact.“This finding gives us a better idea of what exactly a combination of violence and sexism in video games does to harm male players,” noted lead study author Alessandro Gabbiadini from the University of Milano Bicocca in Italy.last_img read more

Fatherinlaw husband arrested after womans death

first_imgKOLKATA: Two persons were beaten up by the locals of Sahagunj in Chinsurah over a housewife’s death. Later, both of the attacked persons were detained by the police and three persons have been arrested.Sources informed that Madhumita Bhattacharya of Kanakshali area got married to Tamal Chatterjee around seven years ago. Meanwhile, Bhattacharya’s relatives alleged that Chatterjee used to torture Bhattacharya regularly. Her parents passed away within a few years of her marriage. Since then she had been facing torture. It was alleged that Chatterjee and his family members forced her to transfer properties worth crores of rupees that she inherited from her parents. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeRecently, Bhattacharya moved to her paternal house as she was depressed and her heart tore into pieces when she came to know that Chatterjee was getting married again. On Tuesday while going somewhere in a toto, she met with an accident and was admitted to a hospital in Chinsurah, where she died on Thursday morning. As the news of her death reached Kanakshali, the locals got furious. When Chatterjee and his father went there, they started bashing the duo. Police later recovered and took them to the police station. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedIn another incident, a housewife has been murdered by her husband at Nodakhali in South 24-Parganas. Locals informed that Shaikh Sadek and Tanuja Bibi used to live there for several years. For a long time, Sadek remained jobless and the family faced endless financial problems. At one night, a massive altercation broke out between Sadek and Bibi over financial issues. Some neighbours alleged that Sadek was an alcoholic. To make ends meet, Bibi had taken up work as a domestic help at several places. But that did not work as Sadek used to take away her money to buy alcohol. On Thursday morning, when Sadek was refused money, he started threatening his wife. All of a sudden, he hit Bibi with a mortar and pestle and fled the scene. Her neighbours rushed Bibi to a hospital where she was declared brought dead. Later, a complaint against Sadek was lodged and a murder case initiated. Police are searching for Sadek, who is still at large.last_img read more

Many artists one showcase

first_imgExploring the delicate threads of affinity between creativity and its versatile approach towards the realistic world in diverse emotions, ‘Collectively Independent’, an exhibition curated by Inner Konnect Art (IKA), showcases the constructive styles by different artists through different mediums. One can witness and embrace some amazing artistic pieces at the Visual Art Gallery of the Indian habitat Centre between September 1 and 17. ‘Collectively Independent’ is an exciting look at some of the genius talents. For example, there is a recognisable ‘movement’ in Ruchi Chadha’s works. Ruchi, a well known artist, shows reflections in moving water, depicting what one wishes to reflect in their lives, while Gaurav, with a great sense of colours, creates rich tones on canvas which depict passion and romance. Often characterized by a sense of enigma, his works of art using non-objective forms and figurative alliances, engages the viewer by inviting them to be a part of the canvas. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfGeetika Sangwan’s artwork on the other hand is an amalgamation of contemporary, abstract and semi-realistic forms which she feels is the continuation of her journey of exploring the relation between human and nature. Other artists who shall be participating in the event, to showcase some jaw-dropping art pieces, includes Smita Jain, Ashish Bose, Amit Shrivistav and many more. The youngest of the lot is a 13-year-old, Mishika Chawla, whose choice of colours always had a vivid balance. Influenced mainly by nature, she loves to paint what catches her eye, from breathtaking landscapes to figurative works.The exhibition is an attempt to incorporate different independent artists with different ideas, style of work, perspectives and different viewpoints. The art pieces will be showcased between 11 am to 8 pm.last_img read more

N Bengal team grabs top slot in platoon shooting competition

first_imgDarjeeling: Platoon weapon shooting team of North Bengal Frontier, BSF have shot their way to victory by winning the covetedPlatoon Weapon Trophy and achieving the overall first position in the 49th BSF Inter Frontier Platoon Shooting Competition. The competition was held in Indore, Madhya Pradesh from February 13 to 18th. The North Bengal Frontier bagged 10 golds, 17 silvers and 4 bronze medals in different events. Inspector General, North Bengal Frontier gave away special awards to the team members on Monday to boost the morale of these shooters.last_img

Stay healthy with dried fruits health bars

first_imgAs healthy living has become a catchword these days, people have taken to eating dried fruits and health bars. Experts say these can give natural nutrients. Here’s how dry fruits and nuts used in health snack bars help the cause of healthy living: Dried fruits generally contain more fiber than the same-sized serving of their fresh counterparts. Fiber helps in keeping your digestive system running smoothly. The various dry fruits are packed naturally with a mix of nutritional elements like potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, carotenoids, antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fiber, flavonoids, selenium and more apart from the good quality fat and protein that these provide. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThese help in various ways like increase of good cholesterol, reduction in bad cholesterol, maintaining blood pressure , blood sugar control, thyroid control, improving heart function, bowel movement, skin health, hair control, cancer fighting properties, improving bone health, improved vision, easing digestion and fighting anaemia to name a few. Many of the dry fruits are low in glycemic index, and so, they help slow release of energy and control blood sugar. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveBecause most of the water is extracted from fruits, their nutrients are condensed into a small package. Dried fruits like apricots, raisins, prunes and figs contain high amounts of beta carotene, vitamin E, niacin, iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Dried fruits contain little to no fat. They also contain significant calories per serving, making them a natural source of energy for athletes. They are also a good supplement for people seeking to gain weight in a healthy way.last_img read more

Honesty in Tragedy Steinbecks A Russian Journal

first_imgWhen Winston Churchill gave his now-famous “Iron Curtain” speech on March 5, 1946, during his tenure as leader of the official House of Commons Opposition, he tapped into a growing sentiment among the Western powers that their victory over Axis forces was being quickly and cruelly undermined by growing Soviet influence in eastern Europe and Asia. Moscow’s influence, he proclaimed, “descended across the Continent,” bringing hardship and injustice with it wherever it landed and obscuring the influence of the victorious West.Winston Churchill.According to Robert Rhodes James of the International Churchill society, Churchill’s speech resonated with the Western powers to such a degree that some Russian historians consider it the beginning of the Cold War; to say that it stoked tensions between the former allies is an understatement.It was into these shifting sands that the American war journalist and Grapes of Wrath author John Steinbeck trekked with his colleague, photographer Robert Capa, in 1947; the two were on a mission to document the devastation and reconstruction of Europe in what would later be published as A Russian Journal, and few writers of the day were as qualified for the colossal and emotionally-charged undertaking as Steinbeck.Steinbeck in 1939.In his research for the 1937 novel The Grapes of Wrath, a book in which he claims to have “done [his] damnedest to rip the readers’ nerves to rags,” Steinbeck conducted extensive interviews, driving Route 66, visiting government-operated and impromptu roadside squatter camps occupied by economic migrants who traveled the iconic highway seeking employment at the height of the Great Depression.His unapologetic focus on the raw, on-the-ground horror of extreme poverty saw him branded a socialist by depression-era capitalist apologists, but he was undeterred.Farmer in despair over the Depression in 1932.When he and Capa arrived in Stalingrad, he was on familiar ground; according to Russia Beyond’s Nora Fitzgerald, Steinbeck spent a significant amount of time in the collectively-organized farms near Stalingrad observing and documenting the strenuous work and spending time with the farmers’ families.In Stalingrad, the pair were fascinated by the speed with which the citizens of the ruined city rushed to return to normalcy amid the devastation.Hungarian-born photographer and journalist Robert Capa (1914 – 1954) reads George Simenon’s ‘A Face for a Clue’ (also known as ‘Le chien jaune’) while he lies in a bathtub at the home of fellow photographer, Myron Davis, New York, New York, October 1942. Photo by Myron Davis/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty ImagesSteinbeck was “intensely fascinated,” writes Fitzgerald, with the way the Russian women, in particular, made do in holes and caverns where once stood flats and houses.“How they [the women] could live underground and still keep clean and proud and feminine we had no idea. …It was a strange and heroic travesty on modern living,” he wrote, musing on the poise and grace of a people who acclimatized with astonishing quickness to a city Capa’s photos showed to still be “horrifically gutted two years after the war.”Moscow in 1948.Both Capa and Steinbeck spent WWII as journalists and, perhaps as a result of these experiences, the tone of A Russian Journal is markedly different from the gut-wrenching staccato of tragedies that make up The Grapes of Wrath.Hotel Savoi Moscow, 1930.Though the war was over, the horror it wrought upon Europe and Asia remained, and Fitzgerald writes that even these experienced scribes of 20th century horrors were unable to maintain their detachment from the surroundings during their stay in Russia.The work that emerged from their travels spans a wide range of emotional registers; it is at times humorous, others tragic, and at some points, Fitzgerald writes, even naïve. In the description of its recent reissue, Penguin Random House notes that Steinbeck and Capa, “two artists at the height of their powers, answering their need to document human struggle,” nearly falter at times in the face of the reality they endeavor to transcribe for posterity.Read another story from us:  Pleistocene Park: A Russian scientist is creating an Ice Age environment in SiberiaStill, their traversal of Churchill’s opaque barrier, an effort to capture the quotidian experience of what Steinbeck called “the great other side there,” is handled with the utmost grace and sensitivity – the title of the work itself validates their sincerity. A Russian Journal, Steinbeck wrote, “is just what happened to [us] … It is not the Russian story, but a Russian story.”last_img read more

The Hapless Brothers who Sold a Counterfeit Painting for Counterfeit Money

first_imgThey say that crime doesn’t pay, and that was especially true for two brothers and would-be con men from Spain. In a failed arrangement that resembles an episode of White Collar gone wrong, the brothers tried to pawn a forgery of a Goya portrait on an unsuspecting buyer and ended up being paid for their fake painting with equally fake money.The would-be sellers were two brothers from Girona, in Catalonia, Spain, who purchased what they believed to be a genuine painting by the artist Francisco de Goya, in 2003.The piece was a portrait of the Spanish artist Antonio Maria Esquivel. The roughly 35 by 23 inch painting came with a certificate of authenticity, which the brothers had absolute faith in. This was their first mistake.Goya, self-portrait.Three years later the painting was examined by experts and declared a forgery that had been done in the 19th century. A Girona court said the brothers could keep the piece for the 20,000 euros they had put on deposit for it, rather than needing to pay the entire amount agreed upon originally, which was 270,000 euros.In 2014, hoping to finally get a nice profit from the painting they had been suckered by, the two men attempted to sell their forged painting to a buyer who was supposed to be a rich Arab Sheikh, using the same certificate of authenticity that had taken them in. This was their second mistake.Girona, Catalonia, Spain.The brothers sat on the painting for eight years before they decided to sell it to the supposed Arab Sheikh for 4 million euros, in December 2014. According to, an Italian middleman, who was part of the “Sheikh’s” entourage, brokered the deal and was supposed to meet them in Turin to give them the down payment for the art — the equivalent of 1.7 million Swiss francs — before they went to Switzerland. The middleman required the brothers give him a 300,000 euro commission from their own money.Painting by Francisco de Goya. Photo by Regan Vercruysse CC BY 2.0According to the Independent, after borrowing 300,000 euros for the commission, the brothers went to Turin to meet with the middleman. This was their third mistake. He handed them the payment for painting and they checked the money with a machine to make sure it was legitimate — but the middleman must have switched it out at some point before they arrived in Switzerland.When the brothers tried to deposit the funds they’d been given into a bank in Geneva, they discovered that the money in their possession was counterfeit – photocopies of actual francs. By the time this happened, the Sheikh and the middleman had both disappeared. So the hapless duo had the borrowed 300,000 euros, which was the only real money that changed hands.When the brothers tried to deposit the funds they’d been given into a bank in Geneva, they discovered that the money in their possession was counterfeit – photocopies of actual francs.To add insult to injury, when the men were leaving Switzerland to make their way home they were stopped by French customs officers at the border, and the counterfeit cash was revealed. Customs notified the Spanish authorities, saying the brothers were attempting to smuggle 1.7 million in counterfeit francs into the country.On returning to their own country, the brothers were arrested immediately for attempted fraud, and the money was confiscated. Police who were investigating found the painting in the brother’s apartment, and that was confiscated, as well.Both the supposed buyer and the Italian broker disappeared, and so did the only real money involved – that which the brothers had used to pay the broker’s commission.Interestingly, some art forgeries can be very valuable, depending on who made it, the quality of the work, and the importance of the piece. According to CBS News, some forgeries can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. A Hungarian forger, Elmyr de Hory, created many forgeries in the style of Modigliani.He had difficulty selling his own original works, but managed to put many of his forgeries into the art market in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Some of his paintings are worth thousands of dollars today.Read another story from us: World’s First Painting Produced By Artificial Intelligence Fetches Huge SumPerhaps if the brothers had done a little more research, they could have recouped their losses on the original purchase, and saved themselves a world of difficulty in the meantime.last_img read more

1 in 5 Companies Had a Security Breach New Study Says

first_imgMarch 30, 2016 Data breaches may be more common than you think, even on your own computer.In fact, according to a new study, at least one in five organizations have had a security breach, mostly due to mobile devices. Most incidents occurred because of malicious hotspots or malware.Related: Avoiding the ‘Inevitable’ Breach: 4 Ways Retailers Should Amp Up SecurityThough almost a fourth of respondents blamed the problem on mobile devices connecting to infected Wi-Fi, more (almost 40 percent) said the issue was caused by downloading malware. Both happened on employee- and business-owned devices.But just because some were able to narrow it down to the source, doesn’t mean such was always the case, as roughly 37 percent of respondents weren’t even sure what kind of devices really caused the lapse in security.No matter the cause, businesses’ concern for data safety continues to increase as budgets for online prevention and protection increase. Companies are also encouraging employees to wipe their computers or other work-related devices before heading out of the office.Related: 5 Ways to Avoid a Costly Data Security BreachGiven the increasing frequency in which hackers are stealing info, it’s not like anyone could blame businesses for taking extra precaution. Especially since some of the biggest data-heists have happened in the last few years involving large companies such as TJ Maxx, Adobe, eBay and even corporate companies like NASDAQ and CitiGroup.The study, published by Blancco Technology Group, featured a survey of 882 IT professionals and members of LinkedIn’s Information Security Community by Crowd Research Partners. It was sponsored by Bitglass; Blancco Technology Group; Check Point Technologies; Skycure; SnoopWall; and Tenable Network Security, all of which are data security vendors, according to Computer World. 2 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Register Now » Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Globallast_img read more

Heavyduty Pumps Market Extensive Analysis of Key Driving and Restraining Factors

first_img“Increase in need for more food in the developing countries due to growth in population and urbanization, drive the growth of the heavy-duty pumps market. Furthermore, the stringent rules & regulations by the government to produce heavy-duty pumps, offer significant growth potential for the global market. However, fluctuating prices of oils and raw materials hinder the growth of the market. Moreover, rise in awareness about energy saving creates lucrative opportunities for the growth of the heavy-duty pumps market.”Heavy-duty Pumps Market: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2018-2025, the global heavy-duty pumps market is expected to reach at $ 19,522 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period. The centrifugal pump segment accounted for more than four-fifth of the market share in 2017 and is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period.Heavy-duty pumps are industrial pumps that are designed specially to transfer highly corrosive and abrasive fluids efficiently from one place to another. These pumps are suitable for oil & gas transfer, chemicals transfer, sewage transfer, and other heavy-duty applications. There is an increase in demand for the machine, owing to the rise in demand for portable water, globally. In addition, high efficiency and reliability offered by these pumps to transfer different products are expected to propel the market growth. However, increase in environmental protection activities due to rapid increase in pollution restrain the market growth.Download Sample Report at: processing industry segment based on end-user industry has the largest market share in the global heavy-duty pumps market during the forecast period. Its market share is expected to grow due to the rise in demand for chemical processing & wastewater processing across the globe. Furthermore, the others market in the product type segment is expected to grow at a significant CAGR during the forecast period, owing to the capability of heavy-duty pumps to efficiently resist corrosion.Key Findings of the Heavy-duty Pumps Market:Based on end-user industry, the processing industry segment dominated the market in terms of revenue in 2017 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% during the forecast period.Asia-Pacific generated the highest revenue in 2017 and is anticipated to grow at the highest CAGR of 6.2%.The centrifugal pump segment based on the pump type generated the highest revenue in 2017 and is estimated to grow at the rate of 5.6%.In North America, the U.S. accounted for more than half of the market share in 2017.Inquiry for Discount@ key players profiled in this report are Alfa Laval, EBARA Corporation, Flowserve Corporation, Gardner Denver, Inc., General Electric Company, Grundfos, ITT INC., KSB SE & Co., Sulzer Ltd., and The Weir Group PLC.Read More About This Report@ Us:David Correa5933 NE Win Sivers Drive#205, Portland, OR 97220United StatesToll Free (USA/Canada):+1-800-792-5285, +1-503-894-6022, +1-503-446-1141UK: +44-845-528-1300Hong Kong: +852-301-84916India (Pune): +91-20-66346060Fax: +1-855-550-5975help@alliedmarketresearch.comWeb: Heavy-duty Pumps Market last_img read more

Releases New Report on the Mobile White Board Market

first_imgMobile White Board Market Report offers in-depth analysis concerning the complete Mobile White Board Market position and Recent Trends. Mobile White Board Market report provides detail Market Statistics, including Product types, Top Manufacturers, Market CAGR Status and favorable factors that are expected to drive the Growth rate of the Mobile White Board Market with SWOT Analysis.The Mobile White Board market has witnessed growth from USD XX million to USD XX million from 2014 to 2019. With the CAGR of X.X%, this market is estimated to reach USD XX million in 2026.The report mainly studies the size, recent trends and development status of the Mobile White Board Market, as well as investment opportunities, government policy, market dynamics (drivers, restraints, opportunities), supply chain and competitive landscape. Technological innovation and advancement will further optimize the performance of the product, making it more widely used in downstream applications. Moreover, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis (potential entrants, suppliers, substitutes, buyers, industry competitors) provides crucial information for knowing the Mobile White Board market.Get Free Sample Copy Of This Report @ players in the global Mobile White Board market include:Zhengzhou AucsQuartetBi-SilqueUmajirushiNeoplexDeliLuxorNichigakuFoshan YakudoHubei-An TechnologyOn the basis of types, the Mobile White Board market is primarily split into:Painted Metal White BoardEnamel White BoardPET White BoardOn the basis of applications, the market covers:SchoolsOfficeFamilyOthersGeographically, the report includes the research on production, consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate, and forecast (2014-2026) of the following regions:United StatesEurope (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland)ChinaJapanIndiaSoutheast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam)Central and South America (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia)Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria)Other RegionsGet Discount Copy Of This Report @ considered for this report:Historical Years: 2014-2018Base Year: 2019Estimated Year: 2019Forecast Period: 2019-2026Related Report:GLOBAL PHOTONIC CRYSTALS MARKET (Construction Strategies, Geography , Applications) – Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation And Forecast, 2013 – 2020Photonic Crystals are attractive optical materials for controlling and manipulating the flow of light. The global market for components and modules using Photonic Crystals indicates a CAGR of 33.1% and is estimated to reach $20.4 billion in 2017…..Read More Us:Big Market Research has a range of research reports of various domains across the world. Our database of reports of various market categories and sub-categories would help to find the exact report you may be looking for.Contact Us:Mr. Abhishek PaliwalBig Market Research25933 NE Win Sivers Drive, #205, Portland,OR 97220 United StatesDirect: +1-971-202-1575Toll Free: +1-800-910-6452E-mail help@bigmarketresearch.comlast_img read more

Are Firefox Addon Collections dead

first_imgAre Firefox Add-on Collections dead? by Martin Brinkmann on May 01, 2016 in Firefox – 17 commentsMozilla introduced Collections to its Firefox Add-ons website (AMO) back in 2009 to provide users of the web browser with options to keep track of add-ons, and to showcase add-ons, for instance by creating themed collections.It allowed anyone with an account to create and maintain collections by adding add-ons (which included themes) to them.Creators could add and remove add-ons from collections, and others could follow them to receive notifications about changes made to these collections.Firefox users benefit from Collections in two ways: collections may help users of the browser discover new add-ons, and they make it easier to install a bunch of add-ons especially if they used an add-on like Massive Extender which allows them to install multiple add-ons of a collection in one operation.Add-on Collections TodayCollections are highlighted in the main menu on the Add-ons starting page on the Mozilla website. A click on the link opens the collections hub and there four collections managed by Mozilla that have been featured there for ages.You can change the listing to “most followers” which appears to be the best option to explore Collections for the first time as “newest” or “recently updated” seem to list collections that can be best described as theme collections.A quick of the 10 newest and recently updated collections revealed that nine out of then listed themes exclusively.Collections work for the most part as you would expect as a Firefox user. You can install add-ons individually from the collections page or click on any add-on listed to open its main page on Mozilla AMO to find out more about it first before you do so.Collections are still open, but the recent redesign of the add-ons website has made it a lot harder for creators to add add-ons to their collections.All that needed to be done previously to add an add-on to a collection was to click on the “add to collection” button on an add-ons page on the Mozilla website.Mozilla hides the button (and the favorite button) now which means that Collection curators need to edit the collection to add add-ons there.So, instead of clicking on “add to favorites” or “add to collection”, it is now necessary to open the collection or favorites first, click on the edit button, type the add-on name to run a search for it, browse the results to find it, click on add, and then on save.Mozilla’s reasons for removing the option are to streamline the add-on pages  (not to confuse users who may be overwhelmed by the options presented on the page), and that the feature was not used all that much.We did remove the “add to” buttons from the add-ons details page to focus this page on it’s core function of informing the user about the add-on it shows.This is intentional to focus the details page more and simplify. For collections users still can add add-ons in the collections section of AMO. I am not sure if those feature are used enough to justify the prominent placement.If you check the source code on an add-on’s profile page on the Mozilla website you may notice that the two “add options” that were removed are just hidden, and that the functionality is still there.Firefox users who maintain collections can install the AMO EZ on the Eyes userstyle which makes the buttons visible again on Mozilla AMO.Not dead yetCollections don’t appear to be high on Mozilla’s priority list. In fact, things have not changed all that much ever since they were introduced. They are linked from the main add-ons website but I would not be surprised if that link would be removed from the site in the future as well.The removal of the add buttons make it harder for active maintainers of collections to add new add-ons to their collections or favorites, and it seems likely that some will stop updating their collections because of this.Now You: What’s your take on the collections feature?SummaryArticle NameAre Firefox Add-on Collections dead?DescriptionThe article tries to find out whether Add-on Collections for the Firefox web browser are dead already or slowly dying.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Windows 10 Initial Setup Script review

first_imgWindows 10 Initial Setup Script review by Martin Brinkmann on October 06, 2017 in Windows – Last Update: October 06, 2017 – 2 commentsWindows 10 Initial Setup Script is a PowerShell script that you may run on Windows 10 devices to make all kinds of post-setup changes to the operating system.While it is designed for post-setup operation, it can also be useful after bigger operating system updates that sometimes make changes to the configuration.The script itself is not designed to be run right away. The developer recommends that users and administrators go through it to enable or disable modifications that it makes.Since it runs automatically when executed, an option to deal with this while the script is executed is not available.Windows 10 Initial Setup ScriptThe first thing that you should do after downloading the latest release version of the script is to open it in a plain text editor to go through it once and adjust what it does based on your requirements.This may sound complicated, but it is not actually. Basically, all you need to do is go through the first lines of the script as it lists all the tweaks there. A tweak with # in front is a comment, and it won’t be executed.So, place the # symbol in front of any tweak that you don’t want executed, and save the script afterwards.The script divides the tweaks and modifications into groups. There is a privacy settings group, one for service tweaks, and another for user interface tweaks for instance.The main issue that you may run into when you edit the script is that it is sometimes not clear what a tweak does.  While it is easy to understand what “DisableAdvertisingID” or “DisableRemoteAssistance” do, it may not be clear directly what “DisableSMB1” or “UninstallMsftBloat” do.The script needs to be run with elevated privileges. It will apply all tweaks that are not blocked from execution. I suggest you create a backup of the system before you run the script. This may not be required if you run it right after setup, as you can simply install the operating system anew in this case.Windows 10 Initial Setup Script comes with options to restore functionality to tweaks that have been applied previously. The reverse of each tweak is listed next to it in the interface. Simply remove the # in front of it and add the # symbol to the “disabling” tweak to restore the functionality.You may also run the script using custom presets. This allows you to apply specific tweaks instead of all of them that are enabled currently in the script. A basic example is powershell.exe -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File Win10.ps1 EnableFirewall EnableDefender which would only enable Firewall and Defender again. The preset names are all listed at the top of the script when you open it.The script is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.Closing WordsWin10 Initial Tweak Setup Script is a handy script to make changes quickly to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 devices. It is highly flexible when it comes to the tweaks, thanks to the support for custom presets, and supports a wide range of modifications that you can apply to the operating system.Now Read: Check out our overview of privacy programs for Windows 10.Summary12345 Author Rating4 based on 10 votes Software Name Windows 10 Initial Setup ScriptOperating System WindowsSoftware Category AdministrationLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

AltTab Terminator improves Windows AltTab function

first_imgAlt-Tab Terminator improves Windows’ Alt-Tab function by Martin Brinkmann on June 01, 2018 in Windows – Last Update: June 03, 2018 – 14 commentsAlt-Tab Terminator is a free software program for Microsoft Windows devices that replaces the system’s default Alt-Tab dialog with an optimized version.The application is a direct successor of the tab programs VistaSwitcher and TaskSwitchXP.A visual representation of all open programs is displayed to you when you use Alt-Tab on a Windows machine. Windows displays a visual snapshot of the program and the program’s title in the Alt-Tab interfaceUse keyboard shortcuts or the mouse to navigate and select programs that you want to switch to.Alt-Tab TerminatorAlt-Tab Terminator replaces the default Alt-Tab and Windows-Tab functions of Windows with its own. It is compatible with all recent 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system.The screenshot that you see above shows the new interface that you get when you use one of the shortcuts.The free program displays program titles in a sidebar on the left and a larger snapshot of the selected program on the right.The new display is a stark contrast to Windows’ Alt-Tab function; instead of displaying snapshots of all program windows at once, Alt-Tab Terminator displays single program snapshots only.You get larger previews of the program windows because of this but don’t see snapshots of all programs anymore.You can use the shortcuts Alt-Tab or Alt-Shift-Tab to navigate between open programs or use the mouse for that just like you could before.Options to close the program, terminate the process, or open a new instance of the program. Windows’ default Alt-Tab interface supports closing the program instance only.The sidebar list of all program titles is useful. While you get titles displayed when you use Windows’ Alt-Tab functionality, these titles are displayed on top of the windows. Alt-Tab Terminator’s sidebar listing provides a much better overview of titles so that you may use the listing to select programs quicker.A right-click on the program listing displays a context menu with mostly window state change options. Use it to close, minimize, maximize, restore or terminate program windows, or use run functionality. Each option is mapped to a keyboard shortcut for faster access.Tip: Press F4 repeatedly to close programs one after the other using Alt-Tab Terminator.The program comes with a handful of interface modifications; you can disable the Alt-Tab or Windows-Tab mapping of the program. If you like the new Windows Timeline feature of Windows 10 version 1803, you can disable Windows-Tab so that Alt-Tab Terminator’s interface is launched only when you use Alt-Tab on the system.You may also disable large icons displayed in the sidebar; useful if you have lots of program windows and instances open as it makes the whole title listing more compact. Speaking of compact, Alt-Tab Terminator supports a compact interface option which removes the program title listing and reduces the listing to icons only.You can change the size of the interface, from the default setting medium to large, small or fullscreen.Closing WordsAlt-Tab Terminator is a powerful program for Windows that replaces the default Alt-Tab function with an improved one that offers a better overview and customization options the default function lacks.Now You: Do you use Alt-Tab or Windows-Tab on your devices?Summary12345 Author Rating5 based on 2 votes Software Name Alt-Tab TerminatorOperating System WindowsSoftware Category ProductivityLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

BMW teams up with Solid Power to develop solidstate batteries for

first_imgAutomaker BMW is chasing that solid-state battery tech carrot, same as most everyone else in the industry. Today, it’s announcing a new partnership with battery technology company Solid Power to develop and commercialize the latter’s solid-sate battery technology for use in electric vehicles.Solid State already produces batteries made up of inorganic materials developed by the company specifically for the purpose, which can produce battery cells that have a higher energy density vs. their lithium-ion equivalents, which means more power and range from the same size battery, ultimately.It also has benefits in terms of safety, length of useful battery life and operating conditions, vs. liquid-based batteries. Which all sounds great, but it still requires a lot of work to bring the University of Colorado Boulder spinout operation’s research into the realm of wide-scale commercial viability.Which is where BMW steps in to help. The automaker’s resources and expertise can definitely accelerate Solid Power’s commercialization ambitions, and this joint effort will focus on sharing of R&D efforts as well, building on the extensive in-house work BMW has already done in the area of battery tech and electrification of vehicles.last_img read more

As a straight person this politician feels stigmatized by LGBTI people

first_imgGAYSTARNEWS- eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) ‘They have been so insistent and persistent that I, as a straight person, you as a straight person, we’re beginning to feel marginalized, harassed and stigmatized by them.’LGBTI people have long featured in Barbados’ culture, but same-sex marriage was more recent concept.‘What is new, though, is an attempt to transpose and to transplant a foreign culture into Barbados called same-sex marriage,’ he said.‘Now that is what I have a problem with. We must also watch this creeping attempt to offend and insult our moral sensitivities here in Barbados.’Nowhere is safeA recent Human Rights Watch (HRW) report found the LGBTI people exist in the eastern Caribbean and lead productive lives. But the face a lot of discrimination and violence, and are not safe in places such as their homes or church.Jason (not his real name) is a 40-year-old man from Barbados. He told HRW the crushing impact of living in a homophobic country where you can’t be your real self.‘People don’t understand how much pressure it is not to be your true authentic self and how that is such a mental strain – to the point where that is so detrimental to you as a person,’ he said Jason.‘It hinders our education opportunities, and work opportunities and taking part in your community.’Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Barbados Minister Steven Blackett. | Photo: Flickr/C Pitt via BGIS Minister of Social Care and Community Development Steve Blackett was addressing a government party meeting in the eastern Caribbean nation when he made the comments.Blackett warned same-sex marriage would never happen in Barbados, sending a clear message to the ‘external forces and internal forces’ advocating for marriage equality.Despite having some of the strictest anti-sodomy laws in the world, Blackett said Barbados was tolerant of the LGBTI community.‘If you want to be same-sex, that’s your business… nothing wrong with that at all. Barbados has always been tolerant to homosexuals among us,’ Blackett said according to a report in Barbados Today.‘They are our relatives, our family or friends, our kith and kin, our hairdressers, our tailors…Same-sex relationships in most neighbourhoods are nothing new.’But their ongoing campaigning for equal rights was making Blackett uncomfortable.‘This LGBT lobby is so insistent, so persistent, claiming this community is being marginalized and stigmatized,’ he said.center_img One of Barbados’ senior Ministers said calls to end LGBTI criminalization made him feel ‘marginalized, harassed and stigmatized’. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… This Barbados politician says LGBTIs stigmatize straight peopleThese beautiful pictures of Barbados Pride will restore your faith in humanityDid Rihanna help a pro-LGBTI politician become Barbados’ new president?Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more