Mandela Washington Fellowship Activities Swell

first_imgPresident Barack Obama has announced other activities in addition to the existing ones characterizing the Mandela Washington Fellowship.The announcement comes following the hosting of another batch of 500 young Africans at various universities in the United States to study in various areas including Civil Service, Public Management and Entrepreneurship.In the President’s pronouncement, he said the Mandela Washington Fellowship (otherwise known as YALI) Regional Leadership Center (RLC) now opens in Accra, Ghana. Additionally, up to 80 Americans will participate in a reverse exchange next year, traveling to Africa to work directly with Mandela Washington Fellow Alumni and other young people and institutions across the continent.As a result of high growth of the membership of YALI Network in the tone of 140,000, members will now have access to expanded online courses, including three new online courses called the “Mandela Washington Fellowship Institute.”President Obama also affirmed that next year the Mandela Washington Fellowship will expand to 1,000 participants.This summer, YALI Regional Leadership Centers have begun providing leadership training to young Africans between the ages of 18 and 35, further expanding YALI’s reach. These innovative and technology rich Centers in Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, and South Africa will reach every country in sub-Saharan Africa. The first Center, located in Nairobi, Kenya welcomed its inaugural group of 80 young leaders in July and hosted President Obama for his civil society town hall during his recent visit to Kenya. In Accra, Ghana, the Regional Leadership Center covering much of West Africa welcomes and begins training 100 motivated and talented young Africans. The four Centers will train approximately 3,500 young African leaders annually. Admission to the Centers is merit-based, broadly representative of each Center’s region and diversity, and will have gender-balanced participation.To ensure that the Centers provide relevant, quality training, each is designed to include a broad array of public-private partnerships, building upon the assets of African institutions and the resources of the United States. YALI RLC partners include Microsoft, McKinsey & Company, Procter & Gamble, and many others who have committed more than $80 million of financial and in-kind resources in support of the Centers. The MasterCard Foundation, a premier partner, recently expanded its contribution to the YALI Regional Leadership Centers by committing an additional $5 million in financial resources. The expansion of YALI programs over the past five years has allowed the U.S. government to connect with more young Africans than ever before. To date, tens of thousands of young African men and women have increased their skills, professional networks, and resolve in driving positive change in Africa. YALI is providing opportunities for young Africans to enhance their leadership skills and create meaningful ties with American citizens, businesses, organizations, and each other. The Mandela Washington Fellowship is the flagship program of YALI, the President’s signature initiative launched in 2010 to deepen the United States’ engagement with the youth of Africa. YALI supports young African leaders as they work to spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace and security across the continent.Since the completion of their Fellowship experience in the United States, Class of 2014 Fellows are reportedly building innovative businesses, connecting with American and African investors, forging new relationships with young leaders across African nations, and serving their communities with skills developed during the Fellowship. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Journalists Accreditation for Rio Olympics

first_imgJournalists interested to attend the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brazil must be accredited and it is open until April 29, according to a Brazilian embassy official in Monrovia.A partnership between the Federal Government and the city government of Rio de Janeiro, the Media Center will assist journalists from around the world, accredited or not by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) by providing work facilities, up-to-date information and a diversified agenda of events.Interested journalists must check for further information at: Rio Media Center is the reference center for those accredited or not by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to cover the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.Meanwhile, according to Brazilian Ambassador accredited to Liberia, Luiz dos Santos, any Liberian traveling to Brazil must ensure that he has a round trip ticket, and must have purchased a ticket for at least one of the games.Journalists with credentials for the Rio Media Center will have access to vast journalistic and cultural program. The venue will host press conferences with authorities and athletes, operational briefings, presentations and workshops, movie sessions, cultural events and press tours.The two steps are as follows: register at the Rio Media Center website, and then enter the accreditation environment. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Brumskine/Karnwea Ticket Announced

first_imgBrumskine lifts Karnwea’s hand in the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf City Hall in Saclepea to rounds of applause from the audienceThe political leader of Liberty Party (LP), Charles Walker Brumskine, on Saturday named former Forestry Development Authority (FDA) managing director, Harrison S. Karnwea, Sr., as his presidential running mate.Karnwea, a native of Nimba County in northern Liberia, was subsequently elected unopposed as deputy standard bearer of the LP by delegates at a daylong special meeting of the party’s national, county and legislative aspirants in Saclepea, Nimba County, on Saturday, March 18.Karnwea, a former superintendent of vote-rich Nimba County and Minister of Internal Affairs, resigned recently from the ruling Unity Party (UP) in favor of the opposition, Liberty Party.In spite of the many criticisms of Karnwea’s decision to cross over to the LP, Brumskine told the gathering that selecting him was based on recommendations from a special committee set-up by the LP.He said that the Brumskine-Karnwea ticket will bring victory, not only to the LP, but to the country, which will eventually witness tremendous developments.Amid great excitement in the audience, Brumskine said, “It is my pleasing duty to announce to you that Nimba County has been selected to produce the next vice president of the Republic of Liberia, and is therefore my honor to inform Liberia that the honorable Harrison Karnwea has been selected as my running mate.”In a brief statement, Karnwea accepted his selection as vice standard bearer and promised “to work overtime” to ensure that the party wins the October 10 elections.“By this acceptance here, now and today, my intent and desire for the vice standard bearer position of the LP are hereby created and expressed,” he said.Mr. Karnwea told partisans that he would, alongside Brumskine and the other partisans and sympathizers, canvass for votes when the campaign process kicks off so that the party can effectively and efficiently challenge all other political parties during the elections.“Sincerely speaking, I see no ticket so unifying Liberians than our ticket that sends out a clear message that ‘united we stand, divided we fall.’ I see no ticket deserving victory than our ticket. I see no ticket that can be easily entrusted with the future of this country other than our ticket,” Karnwea said to rounds of applause from the floor.“I see no ticket that sends out a clear and loud message of peace, reconciliation and unity than the LP’s ticket that features Brumskine and I.”Karnwea indicated that through the LP ticket, he sees a Liberia on the best and proper trajectory for progress and development, adding that, “On our ticket, I see giants and real warriors in the political war to effectively minimize corruption.”The LP vice standard bearer continued by saying that on the party’s 2017 ticket, he sees real patriots with the minds and hearts to put Liberia first, and: “On our ticket I see a better future for the old and young Liberians no matter which village, town or quarter you find yourselves. I can say this ticket is a vote magnet that will attract the votes to push the LP to the leadership of this country in the upcoming elections.”The former UP stalwart said from the day he decided to make LP his political home, he started to effectively put together all the political energies, tactics and strategies to ensure that the party captures state power “from a party that desperately wishes to dominate the political landscape for 24 years.”Karnwea said he feels strongly that re-electing UP for the third time would be the wrong message for Liberians to send to the outside world, “and that we are satisfied with the maintenance of the status quo.”“I refuse to accept that Liberians will be satisfied with giving our country to one party for 24 consecutive years or more in the spirit of acceptance of superficial reforms against a transformative agenda that brings about serious systematic and positive changes for Liberia’s progress, which the LP stands to usher,” Karnwea said.Shortly after the pronouncement of Karnwea as the LP’s vice standard bearer, there were mixed reactions from some Liberians who consider his crossing over to the UP as betrayal to Vice President Joseph Boakai, in whose honor Karnwea named one of his quadruplets.  Another is named in honor of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, while the other two are named in honor of Mr. Karnwea and his mother, Monsoun, respectively.“I believe Karnwea has violated the tradition of naming a child after an individual by defecting from the UP to seek for Boakai’s position as VP,” said a Karnwea admirer only identified as Nyahn.A female well-wisher at Saturday’s occasion and many of her colleagues welcomed the revelation of the Brumskine-Karnwea ticket.Kou Meipein, who admires Karnwea’s forcefulness when it comes to development and his stance against corruption, and her colleagues believe that the selection of Mr. Karnwea as Brumskine’s running mate is the best decision the LP has so far made on its political sojourn.In a related development, the LP political leadership has commissioned the Bahn/Buutuo highway, which has remained deplorable over the years.At a brief groundbreaking ceremony earlier in Bahn City, Brumskine and Karnwea assured the gathering that the LP was reconditioning the road to revive the “lost hope of residents, and also to increase government’s revenue intake from that part of the country,” which connects Liberia to Ivory Coast.Bahn City Mayor Angie Dopoe, on behalf the residents, commended Mr. Karnwea and the LP for their decision to recondition the Bahn/Buutuo road network.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

EU Contributions Outlined

first_imgEuropean Union Delegation Ambassador to Liberia Tiina Intelmann says the Union’s 60th anniversary comes with progressive achievements in Liberia.In extemporaneous remarks on last Tuesday, Ambassador Intelmann said the EU came into existence when European nations decided to put their resources together for economic integration.She said the decision resulted in the formation of a strong and progressive multilateral institution, which in turn contributes to the sustenance of democracy and socio-economic developments in other countries, including Liberia.In Liberia, Ambassador Intelmann said EU has over the years contributed significantly to socio-economic development, especially in energy, agriculture, education, forestry and culture.She cited the Mount Coffee Hydro Dam project as one area to which the EU made a major contribution, with subset support to solar energy projects implemented by Mercy Corps.In agriculture, the EU is providing funds to support vegetable production along with other crops implemented by ZOA, a non-governmental organization.She used the occasion to introduce Liberian food processors that produce their own fruits and vegetables and process them for the markets.In education, Ambassador Intelmann said EU supported the certification of junior high school teachers.She extended thanks and appreciation to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for presiding over ECOWAS and achieving some major goals, including the situation in The Gambia.Intelmann also launched a book about Liberian culture and said Liberians themselves need to appreciate their rich culture. She meanwhile revealed that the May 9 celebration in Liberia is her last as EU Ambassador as she will be leaving sometime this year.She urged Liberians to handle the electoral process with care and elect leaders that are credible with good intent for the country.In response, Vice President Joseph Boakai said the Treaties of Rome and the Schuman Declaration have achieved their intended objectives. “These still continue to be the foundation on which the countries of Europe relentlessly pursue the increase of solidarity, peace and prosperity that is worth emulating by other continents of the world,” he said.VP Boakai recalled EU’s support that enhanced the road project from Gbarnga to Ganta and then the Guinea Border, the maintenance of the Monrovia – Buchanan and Monrovia – Sierra Leone border roads, and the testing of innovative sealing technique for laterite roads that is currently ongoing.Furthermore, the Vice President mentioned the 35 million Euros the EU has given to support agricultural development and the General Auditing Commission (GAC) in Liberia.The launch of “Land Rights for Liberia” in March this year in an effort to encourage the passage of the Land Rights Act as another of the many contributions of the EU.He said with the existing relations between the EU and Liberia on the one hand, and the EU and Africa on the other hand, it is his hope that at the 5th EU-Africa Summit slated for November this year, Africa and Europe will enhance cooperation to address many of the evolving issues affecting both continents.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) EU Amb. Tiina Intelmann – Advertisement –last_img read more

Barshell Appreciates Dist. #3 Residents with Cows, Cash

first_imgTwo of the five cows offered to the district by Rep. Barshell are ready for the victory celebrationPromises more for district if Boakai winsMontserrado Electoral District #3 representative-elect, Ceebee C. D. Barshell, has presented to the residents a package to appreciate them for electing him at the October 10 poll.Barshell, who bested 15 other contenders, including the outgoing representative, Bill Twehway, made available to the district leadership five cows and 337 (25kg) bags of rice for a jamboree in appreciation of his preferment to the district’s legislative seat.Mr. Barshell told the Daily Observer in a recent exclusive interview that he decided to appreciate his people so that the will hold together under the umbrella of peace and unity.Representative-elect BarshellHe said that the rice and cows are for residents in the 11 communities in the district, adding, “all that I have to offer will not only be for those who voted for me, but others who also exercised their franchise whether for me or any of my opponents. Those who voted for me and those that voted for my brothers and sisters, who along with me were vying for the same seat in a bid to better the living conditions of our people through developmental programs are all my friends. We are not enemies, therefore, I welcome all of them so we can share with each other and have fun together by eating what I have provided in appreciation for the vote,” Barshell told the gathering to a round of applause.In addition to the rice, Barshell also presented L$337,230 for the soup kind. He then gave  two of the cows and 137 bags of the rice to the district leadership.Barshell meanwhile promised to present similar items including three cows and L$137,000 following the end of the pending run-off election in appreciation for those that would vote for Vice President Joseph N. Boakai and his running mate James Emmanuel Nuquay.“I am campaigning along with my supporters and others who believe in a good leadership to see to it that Boakai becomes our next president, but all is in the hands of the voters. If they should choose him over his opponent, the decision should be based on his maturity, preparedness and independence from many influences, because I feel our country will have a lot to benefit should Boakai win,” he said.The representative-elect is an education entrepreneur — the proprietor of the Barshell University, and the Barshell Elementary, Junior and Senior High School.He has given a 50 percent tuition waiver to all students attending his grade school and is providing 4000 scholarships to students at the Barshell University, and 3000 other scholarships to students attending the General Auto Driving Academy (GADA) as well as two vehicles to do their practical.“I am giving out additional 4513 scholarships to students attending the Barshell University in honor of VP Boakai, who heads our Unity Party ticket,” he said.The general chairman of the district, Patrick Gayflor hailed Barshell for the gesture and his resolve to work in the best interest of the district.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Call to Memorialize Late Gabriel Nyantee Wilson (Executive Horn)

first_imgGabriel Wilson, commonly known as Executive Horn was an employee of the Ministry of State and the traditional horn blower to the President of LiberiaMedia Hub Liberia and the Wedeobo family have humbly requested the Government of Liberia to memorialize the late Gabriel Nyantee Wilson, commonly known as Executive Horn, for his invaluable contribution to Liberia’s art, culture and politics.According to a statement by Media Hub, a professional media and public relations firm, Wilson “perfectly did this through hooting the horn at different places particularly, national functions our Presidents including President George Manneh Weah, addressed.”The Late Wilson carried on with the activity from the administration of President William R. Tolbert through to President Weah’s. Implicitly, Gabriel, unwaveringly blew the horn after President Tolbert, President Doe, President Taylor, Interim President Bryant, President Johnson-Sirleaf and President Weah until he died in a fatal accident Sunday, February 10, 2019.“We must mention that none of these illustrious leaders of our Motherland at any point or time stopped horn-hooter Gabriel from practicing his vocation especially around the Presidency,” Media Hub said. “Each of them retained him possibly because they understood the positive message the traditional wooden instrument blower conveyed.”Hooting horn at national functions happens nowhere else in West Africa and perhaps beyond. Neither Nigeria’s Iso Rock, Ghana’s Castle, United States’ White House, Britain’s Number 10 Downing Street or Russia’s Kremlin have the horn tooted when their Prime Ministers or Presidents speak. “This is another telling of the uniqueness of Liberia as the Mother of Africa liberation, civilization and democracy. We must pat Gabriel on the back,” the group said.To various ethnic groups of Liberia, the horn communicates a lot. It acclaims good community or public servants, hails the brave, motivates community-group workers, signals or warns of dangers or risks to public good, spices up festivities, and so on.The art of tooting the communication tool Gabriel brought from his home-village of Cavalla in Maryland County into Monrovia and right up to the Liberia Presidency. There, it mesmerized diplomats and foreign guests that graced our State functions. Even former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton so admired the hooting that she took a picture with Gabriel when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf addressed an occasion she attended during one of her visits to Liberia. It is at this highest level Gabriel brought the infamous art – an effort that needless wither with the tooter’s demise.Therefore, Media Hub Liberia and the Wedeobo family call on the Government to memorialize Gabriel in the following ways:1. Dedicate a space to him in the National MuseumDisplay the broken-horn and some traditional garments of his in the spaceShowcase portrait(s) of him hooting the horn as well as copy(ies) of the Ministry of State’s monthly magazine: ‘Executive Horn’ Display a memoire of his in the space. This could be coordinated by Media Hub LiberiaOutdoor Gabriel’s trainee: Nathaniel Sie Payne and treat him wellReplace the current Liberia Broadcasting System news bulletin’s signature tune with the hornSetup an ‘Executive Horn Foundation’ to propagate the forgotten parts of Liberia’s art and cultureGive assistance to Gabriel’s children to further their education, andErect a ‘Sculpture’ or ‘Statue’ of him on the Providence Island.During a meeting on Saturday, March 2, 2019, Gabriel’s family consented to the idea to venerate their son, and expressed its readiness to provide whatever feasible to appropriately honor the deceased.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Air France Resumes Service to Liberia Starting April 2020

first_imgAir France will resume flights to Monrovia April 20, 2020. Beginning 20 April 2020, Air France will once again resume service to Liberia’s Roberts International Airport, thanks to five weekly flights operated by Airbus A330-300 with a capacity of 224 seats (36 in Business, 21 in Premium Economy and 167 in Economy class).According to a statement from the French air carrier, Air France will serve Monrovia as a continuation of service to Bamako (Mali) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays, and directly on Tuesdays and Fridays before joining Bamako. Thanks to this new route between Monrovia and Bamako, Air France will operate four additional flights to Mali (12 flights in total), representing a 63% increase in capacity compared to last year.Air France in AfricaFor the 2020 summer season, Air France will serve 35 destinations in Africa and 280 weekly flights. In total, the Air France-KLM group will operate more than 500 weekly flights to 49 destinations in Africa. As part of its commitment to continue to offer the best possible service, the company provides customers traveling on its African routes personalized attentions and a custom-designed service both on board and at the airport.Air France flight schedules to MonroviaAir France offers a more generous baggage allowance than on the rest of the long-haul network, to most African destinations. The airline offers baggage allowances in four categories. La Première allows 3 items of baggage, each weighing no more than 32kg; Business allows 2 items of baggage, each weighing no more than 32kg; Premium Economy allows 2 items of baggage, each weighing no more than 23kg; and Economy allows 2 items of baggage, each weighing no more than 23kg.At Paris-Charles de Gaulle, a team of experts from the African continent is present on all flights to and from Africa, where they provide commercial assistance to passengers, taking into account the geopolitical, commercial, regulatory and cultural characteristics of each country.To make passenger handling easier, Air France has multicultural teams familiar with the specific expectations of its international customers. On a daily basis, they welcome close to 5,000 passengers, helping them with check-in and with their connections between flights. More than 2,500 cabin crew, belonging to Air France’s Africa and Middle East division, are trained in international standards and the specific expectations of customers on African routes.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

3 North Rupununi communities receive $2.6M in grants

first_imgMinister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock, on Friday last handed over the sum of .6 million in community grants to the villages of Kwatamang, Rupertee, and Fair View in Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo), to facilitate the undertaking of green, sustainable projects under the Presidential Grant Fund.Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Minister Sydney Allicock (left) presenting the cheque to Fair View Toshao Lucy MarslowKwatamang and Rupertree each received $800,000, for construction of a community centre and a sanitary block respectively; while a sum of $1,000,000 was presented to Fairview for the construction of a Village Office.Toshao and representative of the Fair View community, Lucy Marslow, explained that construction of the village office would add to the many projects being commenced to facilitate community development, as she expressed gratitude to the Government for its continued support.Thus far, a total of $300,000 has been injected into the construction of a hot meal kitchen, and there are plans to construct a village restaurant, for which some $5 million are to be received. These ventures are a part of the Community Development Project (CDP).Minister Allicock, at the time attending the North Rupununi District Development Board (NRDDB) meeting in Apoteri, encouraged proper management of funds and maintenance of projects.last_img read more

Govt pushes CJIA expansion completion date to 2018

first_img– additional work needed on South West runway, as delays continueDespite promises that the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) expansion project would be completed by 2017, it seems that only one component of the project — the northeast expansion of the runway — will meet that deadline.Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson informed the National Assembly that the northeast expansion of the runway will be completed by December, but allAn artist’s impression of the expanded airport at Timehriother components would have to be completed by next year.“Work on the airport expansion project continued in 2017,” he said. “Final completion and commissioning of the facility will take place in 2018, with the newer arrival (terminal) to be completed in the first quarter of 2018.“The departure terminal is scheduled for completion shortly after. The extension of the runway to the northeast will be completed by December 2017, and completion of the southwest expansion will be completed by December 2018.”Patterson noted that one area on the southwest runway had experienced “slippages”. As such, he said, the contractor was asked to do additional work from the foundation upwards to mitigate any safety concerns.The Minister noted that overall completion of the project is at 77 per cent. According to Patterson, the departure terminal is 50 per cent completed, while the new arrival terminal is 70 per cent completed. The northeast runway, he noted, is 95 per cent completed, while the southern runway is 60 per cent completed. The US$150 million project was scheduled to be completed within 32 months of its commencement in 2013. However, Thorne noted, the deadline was extended to December 1, 2017, since the project would have experienced several delays.In 2012, Guyana, under the leadership of former President Donald Ramotar, had secured a US$138 million loan from the China Exim (Export-Import) Bank to fund the expansion and modernisation project, for which the Guyana Government has injected some US$12 million.However, when the coalition Government came in to power in 2015, the project was put on hold, but following discussions between Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson and the contracting company China Harbour Engineering Corporation (CHEC), it was announced that the project would be continued.Last year, Project Manager of the Public Infrastructure Ministry, Carmichael Thorne, had been optimistic of the project being completed by 2017. At a project update briefing, Thorne noted that of the US$150 million, only US$37.3 million had been expended to date. Of this amount, some US$33 million was spent by CHEC, which included US$1.9 million of local funds put up by the Government of Guyana. As it relates to the works being done, the Infrastructure Ministry’s project manager told media operatives that while the initial plan was for the northern end of the runway to be extended, because of difficulties with the terrain, a decision was taken to extend the runway from both the northern and southern ends, in order to minimise the cost.last_img read more

Cop dies in Lethem accident

first_imgA Police Officer died on Tuesday evening following an accident at Pirara Bridge, Lethem, Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo).Dead is Inspector Ian Welch, who was stationed at the Lethem Police Station.According to reports reaching Guyana Times, at least six other ranks were injured in the accident.Details of the accident are sketchy, but this publication was told that it occurred about 17:15h as the ranks were returning from routine patrol duties. More details in the February 15 edition of Guyana Times.last_img